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Zhiyun-Tech Weebill 2 Mirrorless Camera Gimbal | Hands-on Review

Zhiyun-Tech has just released a brand-new gimbal for mirrorless cameras, the Weebill 2. This is an upgrade to the Zhiyun Weebill S, equipped with bigger and stronger motors, Smart Follow 3.0, a built-in battery grip, flip-out LCD screen and more. What do you think of the latest Zhiyun gimbal?

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  1. A couple of things suck so hard on this new one… I will wait for the 2.0S to see are they going to understand what have they done wrong.
    – why wifi module when the screen is on the gimbal itself? it can work lag free via HDMI…
    – the battery – why why why? 18650 are the reason I stayed with ZY all there years, they are cheap, easy to swap on the Weebill S, this new design means that when the battery dies your gimbal goes to the trash can. And how do you imagine that you will operate the gimbal and charge it at the same time, this can be done only for timelapse.
    – the focus wheel is in a position to be operated with your third hand.
    – the joystick must be on the front where the trigger is.

    And I wonder what happened to the weight, one of the greatest things about the Weebill was the weight and size. As far as I can see now it goes in the Ronin RS2 territory and it is not ready to compete there.

  2. So many great improvements to the Weebil. I was worried Zhiyun was going to abandon the Zhiyun line. I just WISH that this new gimbal had a removable arm motor similar to the DJI Ronin S. The BIGGEST issue I have with my Weebil S is that well… it's big, and difficult to find backpacks to fit it in. So honestly, the inclusion of the bag is a very welcome MUST HAVE, and if this is your first gimbal purchase, I highly recommend it.

    On the transmitter: I will say that I've been testing the Transmitter 2.0 from Zhiyun on the Weebil S for a couple months now. It's fantastic, though I had a bit of trouble at first connecting to my Sony a6600, and with it refusing to turn off once. I've since had no issues, and Zhiyun tech support was helpful and quick to respond (though the language barrier is a pain, and it's clear English isn't support's first language… the price of buying from Zhiyun). Smart Follow 2.0 works very well on wider camera angles where a subject is in full view, but it just screws up super quickly with tighter crops like following head. It's impressive and useful, but don't expect it to do everything. So I'm keen to see what Smart Follow 3.0 adds to the equation. The ZY Play app is also mostly super easy to use. I just wish that I didn't have to constantly use my phone, and that the transmitter didn't take up gimbal payload weight. It is light, but added with the follow focus, it can start to feel heavy. One great thing is that the transmitter comes with a hot shoe mount for use OFF the gimbal and on camera. I also think you might be able to use the transmitter with other HDMI devices, but I haven't tested it… it'd be cool to try with my PS4…

    I can't wait until this thing comes out. I love my Weebil, but this seems to fix so much and adds so much that I'd get this Day 1. Probably going to wait to see what other reviewers think though.

  3. I recently bought the Weebil s with transmission package from b&h and have found the transmission system to be unusable on Android and almost unusable on my iPad. I was excited to use some motion control and tracking but now those parts just sit in the box next to my desk. Now I know why they didn't fix it – too busy making something new.

  4. The biggest nerf I'm seeing is the switch to a built in battery, those 18650(?) Batteries were beefy! Another Youtuber who got a preproduction model also said he gets nowhere near the claimed 9 hours of battery life and it's more like 3 O.o Everything else looks solid though

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