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Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G full review

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G is indeed worthy of its name – it is a toned-down version of the Mi 11 flagship and comes with the same design, a premium HRR OLED, similar stereo speakers and a similar triple-camera, and it is quite powerful, plus it can do 5G.
Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

▶ To learn more, read our detailed text review:

▶ Check out the full phone specs:

▶ Track Info: Such a fine day by Guy Trevino, Grab a Pillow 2 by Martin Landh andBeyond the Skyline 3 by Sven Karlsson

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Design and build quality
1:02 6.55” AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution and 90Hz refresh rate
1:40 Stereo speakers loudness test, no headphone jack
2:30 Side-mounted fingerprint scanner/power button
2:37 Storage options
2:43 Android 11 and UI
3:25 Snapdragon 780G performance
4:08 Battery (4250mAh) endurance and charging (33W) test
4:33 Camera specs
4:45 Daylight photo quality
5:30 Low-light photo quality
6:23 Selfies
6:36 Video quality
7:03 Movie effects
7:27 Conslusion

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  1. Everything is great on the phone .. I bought it but the battery life is bad! I removed AOD , removed 90hz and still hardly goes through the day with 100% I'm not even gaming on it. My poco F1 with over 2 years of use my battery capacity is now 3300m/A and I don't charge it every day!

  2. I was about set on this phone when I learned that Xiaomi is using two different Oled panels on the phone, one of them being very poor and not providing sharp text…And, it's impossible to know before being. Bummer!

  3. Yeop, found my next phone now – waiting for it to arrive in my region. I have seen demo units – they are wafer thin. And I think that reviewers need to start introducing a new category "price to spec ratio" – this one on my list hits a 10/10 score. A must buy!

  4. i live in Canada and it sells here for only 469 CAD, which i think is an incredibly great price. sadly it is available from only one retailer in the entire country, so if you live in Canada and you want to get your hands on this baby you better do it quick

  5. Ordered mine yesterday. I hope it will be a decent upgrade from OnePlus 6T.

    It's not an upgrade at all. It has better display, but only on paper. The chipset (SD 780G 5nm) is weak, weaker than SD 835 (10nm). Storage speed is lower and as a person who owned a flaghip I can tell you that I'm dissapointed with the device.

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