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Which Sony Camera For Wildlife Photography, a7r IV or a9?

This is the question I get most asked lately, which of the Sony cameras is best for wildlife photography. The answer is not really straightforward, as it depends on what typy of wildlife photography you do.

In this video I talk about the strengts and weaknesses of the a7T IV and a9 and share with you my opinion on which camera may be best for you.

As always please let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment.


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  1. Nicely done and timely for me. I am heavy into Nikon. Using the d810 and d4s. Both are great cameras and can accomplish any photo task. However I would like a lighter camera system. Today for the first time I came across a used Sony A7RIV. Thinking I would rather have the A9 and not yet ready to make a leap I held off. After viewing your video the A7RIV is the camera I would like to have with a A9 as a back up. Maybe. I have not yet had my hands on a Sony A9 yet. Taking my Nikon gear back to my home state of Wyoming in a few weeks, being Sept of 2021. I will see if I still love my Nikon gear or ready to jump ship. Thanks much for this wonderful video.

  2. I am on the fence about switching to Sony from Nikon. I was wondering from the time you did this video the A1 came out. Is this camera have the wish list on it that makes it the perfect camera for wildlife.

  3. Brilliant Video, really has helped me with my choice of camera, At Present I'm using Nikon for my wildlife photography. and have given a lot of thought about Sony, The Sony A7r 4 is the way forward for my next Camera. Very Helpful and Informative, many thanks for sharing your experience. 🇬🇧

  4. Hi great video. I have a question and I would like to know your opinion please. The sony a9 II all claim to be ideal for wildlife photography, but it only has 24MP, in wildlife photography you often have to shoot away from the animals and you need to crop the image. What is your opinion about image quality of the A9 II?
    Thanks a lot. Best regards

  5. Hola Juan, Hello Juan, how about using the APSC mode to gain reach with the lenses (I can only afford the 200-600) , Do you loose light as well , when you use the APSC mode? Thank you and best from Uruguay. PSD I have some videos from you which are great!

  6. With lowlight you are wrong, the A9 ist better than the A7R 4. The score at dxomark for the A9 is 3517, for the A7R 4 only 3344. And every comparison I have seen showes better lowlight performance for the A9.

  7. Wasn‘t the a9ii delivering more fps with mechanical shutter? And as far as I remember the a9’s compresses files when shooting in high plus Mode? Nice Video anyway

  8. I’ve been using the Sony a6400 with the 200-600mm with zero problems. Mind you I’m not a professional photographer (I don’t make my living with my photos) but I do shoot a lot and get excellent results with a cheaper price and still getting almost 25MP

  9. Thank you for this review! I was debating updating my Sony a7 III with the a7r IV but I was also considering the a9 II. In the end, the price difference makes me consider the a7r IV for my style of photography.

  10. Hello from Kyiv Ukraine. Your wish came true just a year after this video. The A1. Sony was listening. Expensive at $6500+ but it is a major evolution in cameras. The A1 is a mix of the A9, A7RIV and some of the A7SIII. Will you be getting one? I am a professional photographer and I own the A9, A7RIII and two A7III's. These cameras do everything I need them to and more plus I do not yet believe they are outdated. The A1 is something I would like but not something I need.

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