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What's the best equipment for wildlife photography?-What's in my wildlife camera bag?

This video talks about the best equipment for wildlife photography. I discuss what’s in my wildlife photography camera bag. it’s not a review video, I don’t review any specific products . Instead I talk about the camera gear and accessories I use for wildlife photography. I discuss what kit helps me to take good wildlife images.

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  1. Enjoyed the video Steve, I have similar kit, so it's great to see what's in you're bag but what bag do you use??? Apologies if if on a previous video as I'm quite a new subscriber but enjoying the content so far. Cheers

  2. Just take a Sony A7r4 together with a Sony 400mm 2.8 GM and you are good to go with everything in Wildlife. A 100% crop delivers you still a 27MP image with 600mm effective FOV at fast f/2.8. Coming from Nikon, the Sony A7R4 is for me truly a game changer in my Wildlife work.

  3. Great vlog Steve, I sometimes do wildlife when out on landscape shoots but it's not my main focus… however thinking might be good idea to do it more in summer months. Plus got a shoot coming up with landscape and wild wallabies, don't know if my 55-200mm will cope haha. These wallabies are on Scottish island that's not too accessible but not sure how many people visit and know they are quite timid normally… might need to grab some of the gear you mentioned…

  4. Nice all bases covered kit there Steve. I guess the only downside is you probably don't take all 3 lenses out with you due to their size? I could definately do with a fast prime myself but they cost money of course 😁

  5. Hi Steve thanks for sharing your equipment with us all, I have a D500 body and a sigma 150-600mm lens that I use nearly all the time and got some great result's with it, but i have a lot to learn as I have only been photographing wildlife for about a year now.

  6. Hi Steve , great video about your gear .I would be very interested to see what bags , cam straps you use and how you carry all your gear including big lenses , perhaps part 2 of wildlife gear video.Keep up the great work mate.

  7. Fast lenses: Big, bulky, and damned expensive. Despite photography being only a hobby I find myself spending the money anyway… Like yourself I most often use a zoom (100-400mm).

  8. Hi Steve, nice to see what is in your bag, I always like these type of videos. I am a Fuji user at the moment but do get frustrated that they are lacking in a decent prime for wildlife. They have a 200 F2 which looks really nice but is too short for UK wildlife and i cannot see any sign of a 400mm plus coming out anytime soon. I am stuck on the fence whether to jump ship to Nikon/Canon as their lens line up is very nice but at the same time knowing my luck Fuji will release a prime 😩 Decisions Decisions🤔 Really enjoy your channel and look forward to those notifications coming through to say a video has been released. Keep up the great work and look forward to the next vid.

  9. It must be that time of year to get your gear out “Camilla & I” are doing a review of our holiday/location equipment on Sunday never realised I had so many tripods! Well great to see what you use Steve thanks for sharing

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