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What’s in my Camera Bag for my Real Estate Videography/Photography Business??

what’s in my Camera Bag this 2021? (Small Content Creator)

What’s Good Creatives!
welcome back to the channel man! I’ve been lagging on making this “What’s in my camera bag 2021” especially after seeing peter mckinnon and Ben Johnson’s video i was a little nervous.

but they don’t even know i exist and if they did who the F*** cares right?

I’m glad were here watching this video because it means I’m this much closer to reaching my goals as a Content Creator on YouTube.

as Small Content Creators its a bit harder to grow or even get brands to notice you so my advice is to continue to do the work by creating content for the brands you want to work with (FREE WORK) and continue to push that content towards them until they notice you.

this goes to Filmmakers, Content Creators, Photographers etc….

Find Your Happiness


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