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What PC do you need to run Adobe Photoshop in 2020?

Hey everyone!

This week, I’m sharing discuss what makes the best PC for Adobe PhotoShop in 2019? In this episode, I look at CPU, Graphics, RAM and Storage options. Including discussing Nvidia’s Studio driver and how it can save you £££’s on your next workstation! Oh, I also cover the ultimate storage setup.

Topics Covered:
So what CPU is best for Photoshop?
Do more CPU cores make Photoshop faster?
Does Photoshop work better with Intel or AMD CPUs?
Are Xeon CPUs good for Photoshop?
Do dual CPU setups work for Photoshop?
What GPU (Graphics Card) is best for Photoshop?
Does onboard graphics work in Photoshop?
How much VRAM (video card memory) does Photoshop need?
Do Quadro graphics work in Photoshop?
Will NVIDIA or AMD give better results in Photoshop?
Can Photoshop use RT and Tensor cores that are on the RTX cards?
How much RAM does Photoshop need?
How can I tell what file sizes I’m working on?
What type of storage drive should I use for Photoshop?
What storage configuration is best?
Overview of best specs

Interested in buying a new Photoshop PC? Then be sure to check out Utopia’s Photoshop workstations here:

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Hope everyone is safe and well this week! Thinking of building or buying a PC for Adobe Photoshop and have a question?…I'll do my very best to answer them here! Cheers, Craig

  2. I'm low on budget , I was planning to go for ryzen 5 3500 for editing and gaming , but then someone recommend me to go with ryzen 5 3600 , which is 5000 INR more than 3500 . Will the SMT enabled r5 3600 make a difference . Specially editing !

  3. I know this may be a question you cannot answer but I'll throw it out there. I am now in the market for a new computer. I do use Photoshop and that IS am important focus for my choice. However, I also do music recording and production as a hobbyist with a DAW…A digital audio workstation too. Can I assume a computer with all the best specs for photoshop would assure me the computer will be be just fine for music production too. i.e "Single Core" and "RAM" and choices like that.

  4. Hi can anyone help me? I am looking for a pc that can run photoshop specifically 8mage stacking. Looking to stack 50-100 images what would I need for this?

  5. Regarding RAM, one thing that I thought I'd mention is that digital painters frequently max out the 2gb Photoshop limit, and hence may profit a lot from more RAM. Great video!

  6. Ok, I have the i7 9700k, 1660ti and 32gb DDR4 Ram and I'm still get lags and buffs on premiere and Photoshop. Why am I lagging makes no sense, and before you ask I have 2×500gb SSD and 1TBHDD and all are cleaned and organized and all my divers are upgraded, makes no sense, why am I lagging?

  7. this is so sad…my old computer is not able to let me create proper paintings on 300 dpi with bigger file-sizes adna new one costs more than i can afford by selling my paintings.

  8. I work on RAW files produced by Sony A7r2 and A7r4 and I'm confident you need at least 32GB of RAM, but my next setup will have 64GB for sure. When you edit such big files with 10 layers that have luminosity masks then you have at least 10GB file size which occupies 24GB in RAM. So don't be foolish by "16 GB is enough", no it is not. Next, if you are serious to what you do in PS then you need 10bit video output, no questions. Of course you can work easily with a regular 8bit output but it produces a very annoying artifact like banding on your monitor. The file does not have banding but you see it during editing. If you are on a budget, then you don't have to have special video card like GeForce or Radeon, an integrated graphics card works way smoother than a cheap professional card. And Photoshop does not utilize heavily Vram, even 2 gigs will work fine.

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