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What is AWS In Telugu | AWS tutorials In Telugu | Amazon Web Service | Part 1

AWS in Telugu Playlist
I’m giving all my playlists below, choice is yours, it totally free, Happy Learing.
Electronics In telugu
Windows Server Tutorials In Telugu
Linux In Telugu
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  1. I have a doubt. Manamu instace create chesi evariki istamu. Ichaka who will use the server.and how they use. Becos anni linux lo ne kada chesedi. Plz do reply

  2. Sir TODAY MY COLLEAGE OFFERS.. AWS 5000 rupees certification cource …….but i have no idea on that …now what i do….plz reply me… Is this is the best offer to join cource❤

  3. ఫ్రీ website to provide చేసే కంపెనీలు కొన్ని ఉంటాయి లాంటివి అలాంటి కంపెనీ ప్రారంభించడానికి aws సరిపోతుందా

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