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What Camera Should you Buy for Fashion Photography in 2021?

In this video we cover the cameras I recommend for fashion photography in 2021. The recommendations are based on my experience shooting fashion and beauty for commercial campaigns. For full frame lens choices, it’s always best to have a 24-70 f/2.8 or equivalent zoom lens to start. From there I would make sure to have a good 50mm prime, and an 85/100mm if you shoot beauty and headshots.

My Lightroom and Capture One presets here:

APS-C/Crop sensor Camera Recommendation (new)
Sony A6400:
Sigma 30mm lens:
Sigma 56mm lens:

Full Frame Camera Recommendations (high-resolution)
Sony A7R IV:
Canon R5:
Nikon Z 7II:

Full Frame Camera Recommendations (lower-res)
Sony A7R III:
Canon R6:
Nikon Z 6II:

Medium Format Camera
Fuji GFX 100:
110mm lens:
63mm lens:

Gear used to make this video
smaller camera:

Models Featured: @sarahseunoia @megannmcclure @andreventurrr @sarahjane.p09 @jeincypaniagua
HMUAs Featured: @courtneypmccormick @lipstickandchiffon
BTS Videographers: @jameslharper

My 2020 Camera Gear Recommendations:

Social Media:

Business Inquiries


The links above are affiliate links where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so and it comes at no cost to you, but helps to support my channel.

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Crop Sensor camera
2:19 Full Frame cameras
2:58 Full Frame high-resolution sensors
3:19 Full Frame lower-resolution sensors
3:31 Medium format discussion
4:35 Commercial Photographers
4:58 Summary of camera types

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  1. I would add that EYE Auto focus is nearly a must have for fashion as this reduces the workload on the photographer and allows him/her to concentrate on the composition.

  2. This is the video I was looking for! I personally own a Nikon D850 that I absolutely LOVE and use for commercial and family photography. But, in my full-time job, we have an entry-level Canon Rebel T6 that needs an upgrade RUSH! In my job, I shoot products (jewelry), models; in-studio or outside, and sometimes videos. I end up using my personal camera when we need high-quality photos. I was looking for information that confirms what I wanted to recommend, a full-frame sensor, and I just found it!! Thank you so much!!

  3. Hi Joseph, great explanations and waiting more videos from you. i just wanted to ask what camera would you suggest to shoot for e-commerce clothing business

  4. Hi Joseph. Thank you for the insightful video. I may have a chance to do some agency/fashion photography work in the studio. In your opinion would a FujiFilm XT-2 do you the job? Thank you!

  5. I’m looking to upgrade from a crop sensor to a full frame, do you feel cameras with more megapixels provide more detail in your photos? I’m really looking to upgrading to a full frame that provides more detail.

  6. I already own the EOSR and RF 85mm f1. 2.Iam looking for a standard focal length to shoot in tight indoors, environmental portrait, studio and weddings. In that case iam confused either to invest in 35mm f1. 4 or 24-70 f2.8?

  7. Great video and I love your work. Could you do a video about getting into fashion photography? I have manage to build up a good portfolio but don't know where to go to get work or where to market my services. I do a lot of free shoots but would love to get paid at some point.

    Many thanks

  8. My friend I’m sorry 400 dollars gets you a 5d Markii you cannot compare!!! Any Sony to even that old camera in terms of skin tone and color. The gradation of light to shadow also or you can get a Nikon D3s or d700. All of thes under 1000 dollars. Get a 100mm macro lens that will get all those pixels firing get two ad200 lights use the barebulb and a speedlight as a third. Way better than any Sony which you will be editing for hours trying to get the same look the canon markii or d700 will give you straight out of camera.just want to point out I’m saying this with respect since this mans work shows he’s a real pro. Just think about what I said above before getting a crop Sony pun intended.

  9. I’ve got a A7iii and 28-75 and 85mm but find I don’t really like using the 85mm. I think I should’ve gotten a 50mm. I’m more into wide angle portraits so was looking at the sigma 24 f1.4 or either selling the tamron for a sigma 24-70 to get that extra 4mm

  10. hi! 1st of all ur vids are awesome and really straightforward. im planning to get a sony a6000 with 35mm lense. do u think it’ll work for fashion photography? anyway, im just an amateur so still need to learn a lot. thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. Really liked this video, nicely done. I'm currently using a Nikon D3500, so properly basic. Next week I'm renting a Nikon Z7II with a 24-70mm lens (the f4, not the f2.8) to use in a "home studio" for the weekend. I'm tremendously excited to see what using a full frame camera will be like!

  12. hi i have the canon 5d mk ii and the canon 1dx the canon 24-70 and a 70-200
    is that the regit set up for fashion and shooting agency models or do i need to add somthin or get rid of somthing and i also shoot runway

  13. I'm recently upgraded from a Canon RP to the Canon R6. The jump was a big difference. Although it has a lower megapixels, I still think it's much better. I've used this camera mostly for Weddings but I'm trying to learn studio work and I think this is a great start of a camera for that..

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