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vMix Tutorials- Data Sources

Learn how to input external data from txt, csv, excel, xml, rss, and Google sheets into your live video production.

For more information about connecting to Google Sheets-

Sorry about the audio!

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  1. Can I use this for broadcasting music videos? I want to make title for each song, but there's no way I can set the timing right because every song lasts different.
    With this, you can only set fixed time when the data changes. Pls help!

  2. Hi there. Can someone explain to me how to sync the match clock to a
    VMix production? I´m from Sweden and I use to stream floorball matches.
    Whats the deal? My guess is to get data out from the RS422 port on the
    control panel which handles the match clock . And then what? How to
    receive and handle the data into VMix?
    Am I thinking in a correct way?

  3. Is vMix only able to read one row at a time then? I would love for it to be able to read a every row in a column for a sports starting lineup graphic. Is there any way to do this?

  4. Hi vMix Team. I use data sources but I have problem. When I use one or two simple xaml file with connected to data source (csv file) everithing works fine. But when I use more xaml files I have big lag (more then 2-3 seconds)

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