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Virtual tour photography with a 360 camera: DSLR vs Insta360 One X | Is it good enough? | Gaba_VR

Can we really use a consumer 360 camera for virtual tour photography, or should we pick up a DSLR instead? Check out my comparison and my tricks how to shoot virtual tours with a 360 camera, like Insta360 One X. And for further 360 contents and tutorials, subscribe to my channel:

As 360 cameras became more and more popular, a lot of people found the potential of creating virtual tours easily. But can we really use them for professional virtual tours? And if we do so, how can we get the best result?
In this video I show you the differences in quality and workflow, and of course, I give you some tips and tricks, how you can get the best result out of a consumer 360 camera, and I attempt to approach the quality of a DSLR photo.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 360 camera basics
1:42 The advantages of 360 cameras
2:35 Aspects to consider in choosing camera
3:42 Differences in shooting methods (360 vs DSLR)
5:16 Differences in image quality (360 vs DSLR)
5:27 How to get the best out of a consumer 360 camera
8:20 The budget (best value for money)


Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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  1. Hi, Gaba very nice tutorials. It is possible to help me whit some questions ….. which is the best lens for my Nikon Z 6 to take 360 virtual tours Samyang 12mm f/2.8 or Irix 11mm f/4 or TTArtisan 11mm f/2.8 ….?I have a multi-angle pano head Rolley and Nodal Ninja 6 and the software PtGui.

  2. Depends on the job, the clients expectations and end user. If the client just wants to photograph say property then especially here in the UK, most agents photograph with a phone or cheap compact camera, just take a look at any estate agents website, badly framed, poor quality etc. Then a half decent 360 consumer camera will suffice, but if say a corporation, museum or retail shop etc., then DSLR all the way, the end user expects to see high quality images as the images will be looked at and scrutinized for some time.

  3. Wow! This video must have been a lot of work! DSLR is better quality but takes more time in post production… So I'll get a Insta One X to save time and hassle. Thank you for the information

  4. This video was exceedingly helpful. I'm using a Canon 5D Mk IV, 12mm fisheye, and a pano head for my higher end jobs, but most realtors don't want to pay for that level of quality, so most of my tours are done with an Insta360 OneX. Your tips on how to squeeze the maximum quality out of this consumer level 360 cam were amazingly helpful. Thank you for posting. [I smashed the subscribe button.]

  5. Really loved this great comparison between the DSLR and 360 cameras… Works to steer you in the right direction if you're undecided between DSLR vs 360 route. Many thanks!

  6. thanks a lot! This is super helpful and informative, I have been researching about this for a while and your videos are really comprehensive! I just bought a INSTA 360 one R a month ago, looking to kickstart my career for this, but apparently, the resolution is not high enough, I actually have a Fujifilm XE3 mirrorless camera, would that work as well? Thanks

  7. Have you done a complete workflow on how to shoot a 360 Pano from start to finish, including editing each DSLR image and how you stitch them, like PTGui perhaps? I would like to learn this for those times I want the better quality pano's. Thx

  8. Great video! I found the same issue with RAW in One X! What about HDR? It is seems to be a solution for me. Please make a tutorial about color correction of Insta One X real estate photos! Thanks man!!! I was waiting for One X & DSLR comparison for a long time, and here it is!!!! Best!

  9. Hi from Slovenia 👍. If am I right are we almost neighbours 😆.
    I'm shooting vr360 photos around from 2008 I think.
    For serious projetcts I shot with dslr and fisheye lens, tripod, panohead….
    Few years back I bought Xiaomi miijia 360, and this year Gppro Max. These cams are very friendly for family traveling in quick shots, you can't wear all of equipment on vacations with family.
    For videos are these cams also cool and also for timelapses 360. Gopro has good quality of photo and video but lack of some other functinality. Xiaomi has good app and functions and raw photos. but still not so quality as dslr. But for quick and cheap projects are xiaomi and gopro good cameras.
    I do vr360 also with drone. from 70m, 100m high is as one nodal point and rotate him, and gimbal up, down. with 25 photos I get panoramas belov the drone, as with one lens on Max. For clear sky I go on the wide fields and shoot with gopro max and then stiched with drone photo in photoshop manualy. (last photo on my FB)
    and this is test vr tour over our fields and river Mura
    sky is streched from line of horizont pixels on those photos. but in simple way cut sky from other photos made from dslr or vr cams and you get perfect air panos.
    Nice greetings from Murska Sobota (Mura Szombat 😀)

  10. I use a 360 camera to create professional virtual tours , haven’t used dslr, but I know for sure the work flow would be enormously huge with dslr, and than the pricing would be high for my customers for the tours , but I would like to upgrade dslr, . I use the Ricoh theta z1. , also u should mention the HRD features of 360 camera they are great for indoor where lighting can be tricky, nice video , I follow u on Instagram

  11. You rock!!! I love your channel. You make beautiful tutorials. I have an Insta One X and an Insta Pro 1 and my nightmare is always the noise. I tried to shoot in M mode, in raw, in Jpeg…. but the noise is always there. Is there a trick to remove it? Or need I to move to dslr world?

  12. Great comparison! Although I would’ve liked to see more on the dslr setup. Also what software do you use to stitch the dslr images which should also be included in the overall price.

  13. 📷 Consumer 360 cameras VS DSLRs in virtual tour photography :
    ✅ quality comparison
    ✅ differences in workflow
    ✅ tips and tricks to get the most out of a small 360 cam
    Check it out before buying your first virtual tour camera! 😉

    0:58 – 360 camera basics
    1:42 – The advantages of 360 cameras
    2:35 – Aspects to consider in choosing camera
    3:42 – Differences in shooting methods (360 vs DSLR)
    5:16 – Differences in image quality (360 vs DSLR)
    5:27 – How to get the best out of a consumer 360 camera
    8:20 – The budget (best value for money)

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