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Video Editing Secret Weapon – Storyblocks Video

Storyblocks Video:

Get yourself a toolbox that has everything you need in it! Storyblocks Video offers thousands of royalty free stock footage clips, After Effects templates, titles, intros, transitions, backgrounds and more! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on social @notiansans to stay in touch!

Learn How To Edit Stuff
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  1. StoryBlocks has its own editor, do all these effects work with there editor? Can you take the templates and edit them in StoryBlocks own editor??

  2. im using movavi for editing can i upload storyblock template on there or can i upload story block templates on maker and edit them? please reply

  3. Yesss … time is money and i an really thinking of taking a subscription. now i hv to make my mind on .. should i take storyblocks or envato elements subscription in 2021. which one would u recommend now ?

  4. Hi everyone, COULD ANYBODY PLEASE 🙏 TELL ME if I get storyblocks subscription for video footages and I get my YouTube video gone viral for example millions of views, my worry is: IF I HAVE Like three 0:15 FOOTAGES on that video and a owner of one of those footage GOES AGAINST ME, IS THERE ANY RISK OR NOTHING TO WORRY AT ALL ??

  5. love your videos and love storyblocks. I am a business owner who loves making videos of my life in Paris….. and I have no time, nor much patience, I just want to put my video out there. and storyblocks saved me.

  6. After buying story blocks for just a month subscription , is it possible to use those audio’s as well as vedios which I downloaded during subscription period for my YouTube channel for life long

  7. Is the video editor you are using to put together/create your videos included within Storyblocks, or are you using a separate editor?
    Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm a total newbie hear, so sorry if my question is stupid lol

  8. Problem with Startblocks is, that you can't use it's music on Youtube, you get copyright strikes.
    Does anybody know how to avoid this? I honestly don't know any technical way to link a Lumafusion-Storyblocks account to YT-Channels

  9. hello, i have a question , i started using storyblocks and its great however , i am confused with the terms of use , storyblocks sais that we can edit the footage as we wish ,for example sometimes you need a portion of footage like for example ,1) the footage of a 57 chevy going down the road , 2) the footage of a scene in the clouds , so lets say i want the 57 chevy in the clouds , i will take footage number 1 of the 57 chevy and crop it and intergrat it in footage number 2 so that the 57 chevy is in the clouds instead , now here is a copy past portion of the terms of use in storyblocks ( you shall not modify, translate,

    adapt, merge, make derivative works of, disassemble, decompile, reverse compile or reverse engineer any part of the

    Footage Firm Materials except to the extent the foregoing restrictions are expressly prohibited by applicable law; ) ??? im confused here , can you help me out ?

  10. If I purchase a storyblock license for a month, I can download 5 images that I can use, for example, can I put those images on t-shirts and sell them as mine?

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