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UW Photography: Budget Friendly Cameras For Underwater | Waterproof Camera || BAMF SQUAD

Underwater Photography: Budget Friendly Cameras For Underwater | Waterproof Camera

Best camera options for UW photography on a budget

In this video we are talking about best camera options for underwater photography to help you get out there and shoot some awesome footage. If you want to learn more about uw photography for the best camera options and stuff
check out backscatter just like me.

✿ Backscatter underwater photography


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Bobby Hernandez is a Disabled Veteran, photographer/videographer and a scuba diving instructor.
Also helps provide guidance on scuba diving travel Through educational videos on YouTube, motivational content on Instagram, as well as offering 1 on 1 and group scuba diving training.

Have any questions? Feel free to email me anytime! I’m open to discussing about collaborating, sponsorship, product reviews and more!

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