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Using the Canon R5 to Photograph Sparrows + Wildlife Photography Tips & Tricks

I recently got the Canon EOS R5 and decided to search for sparrows in golden light. The autofocus and image quality were both top notch, and I highly recommend this body and lens for birders who are looking into the mirrorless camera space. This setup works well for wildlife and I found no issues with the EVF, the f/7.1, or the animal eye AF. It exceeded my expectations in a camera.

I’m excited to keep photographing with this setup, and I’ll be coming out with a full review in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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  1. very cool, can i ask, why did you do not get the R6 instead? i have some struggles with my G9 in low light, and the R6 seems quite good with that :3

  2. Keep working on it you’ll get there. If you don’t find it unethical, try putting out some food for them in the same spot for a month or so and soon they will be waiting in the branches for you. I wont go into ethics, but I find feeding in the winter is actually helpful to them as long as you don’t set them up for predation. Try to keep your spot east of you and cover around it. Those evasive species you don’t like make for great bokeh. Setting up against a tree or in the weeds and wearing neutral colors allows you to get close also and get great detail and along with open aperture nice blurry backgrounds. Lastly try exposing your pictures more for less noise. If they’re underexposed the noise will take over to where you cant even remove it in Lightroom. Good luck and have fun. Just watching the different habits of how they approach you from chickadees landing beside you to wrens acting sneaky as they slip in and run with a seed is fascinating.

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