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Unexpected iPhone 12 PRO Max Camera Test – Street Photography POV

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test in Street Photography POV. iPhone Photography behind the scenes
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  1. i phone 12 pro max camera is Trash !, the much older huawei p 30 pro is 10 times better … and yes i have both phones.And i will never buy apple again because the Hardware inside is from around 2010 …. For use in working it´s good but everything elese ..Nope.

  2. He is very friendly 🤣🤣😂😂…..
    N that guy who allowing him to take picture of him have too much patience 🤣🤣😂😂…that guy is also frndly n cool ….
    I want these types of people in my life 🤣😂.

  3. I don't have a budget for buy that iPhone, and l don't have a camera to, the only one l have is Android phone which is poco x3 nfc, and I really want to become an photographer, if you mine please make a street photography POV with poco x3 nfc

  4. For photography Non professionally meaning I do not have a photography business I do it because I enjoy photography and it is a passion of mine and I do photography every day to get better at it gear-wise, I am currently using an OLYMPUS O-MD 3-M5 II and for mobile, I was using my Apple iPhone 8 PLUS but I started using the iPhone 12 pro just today

  5. u should have change the settings to raw and turn off the scene detection , works better 🙂 but nice to see this and love your pov`s … keep it up dude !

  6. i do some photography from my 12 mp this is not much but androids are better in photograpgy with some twiks here and there and i love taking photos and editing them to their finest.

  7. Everyone is doing photography in iphone 12 pro max and it's understandable but is it weird i want a proper photographer like u take picture from normally just simple iphone 12 and wanna see how it stands in the eyes of a guy who photos photos so often i hope u do that but much love

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