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[TUTORIAL] Tapered Line Strokes in After Effects Using Expressions!

I’ll Make You Intros ‘n Stuff:
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Hey guys! Today, I show you how to utilize an interesting hack in Adobe After Effects using Expressions to achieve a tapered line effect on Shape Layer Stroke properties!

Programs Used:
Adobe After Effects CC 2014.2

Head over to to put your learning on steroids! This website is where I self-taught myself most of the features I know today in Adobe After Effects, and I’m so happy that they were willing enough to give you guys all a 10-day free trial! I’ll also get a small kickback if you do decide to sign up using my link, so that’s pretty darn cool:

External Assets Used:
Ilinnuc’s Intro! by Sketch –

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  1. Ripping off the School of Motion tutorial on this is not cool. At least give credit where credit is due. What a shame.

  2. I always love watching your videos. Everytime you make a new tutorial it inspires me to get out there and try out the things you teach myself – keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Rio my dude. Ive been waiting on making a Intro since im still learning but I was wondering what would happen if I streamed myself making an intro but while streaming I would watch ur tutorials. You think Youtube Daddy would get mad?

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