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Transparent Backgrounds | Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC Tutorial

Transparent backgrounds for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. How do I make my background transparent? How do I tell if it’s already transparent? How do I save it so that it will remain transparent? In this Adobe tutorial for Illustrator and Photoshop, we’ll discuss the answers to these questions.

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  1. Hi Im quite new to all of this and I Downloaded some images from Adobe Stock with transparent backrounds. Then learned I needed illustrator to get rid of the Checkerboard pattern. So when I open up the image in AI and go to layers there arer no multiple layers to remove the backround. I just have Layer 1. When I expand it i just get one that says <Image>

  2. I have a logo saved as a PNG, trying to use it in iwatermark app but the background convey back to white again. not sure what im doing wrong pls help.

  3. Hi Cary. I was actually able to understand your tutorial so I thought I'd try asking you about my issue. I've just upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud. I have downloaded a set of stock images with transparent backgrounds, but when I import them into InDesign they retain the checkerboard background as part of the image. I've found a couple of articles that emphatically say you have to remove the background layer in Illustrator, and I have tried to follow the steps given but to no avail. Can you please help. I have no problem creating my own files with TP backgrounds and using them so I thought they would be ready to use. Can you please help?

  4. Thanks! I was wondering if you can open an SVG file in Illustrator. I know you can save it. For some reason, I could open an SVG file in Illustrator.

  5. Probably helpful but you lost me from the beginning. Are you starting on Illustrator or Photoshop. It is blocked on the screen and you didn't say. I was going to follow along But….

  6. Is it possible to export a Photoshop image on an transparent background to Illustrator and have it retain transparency especially if it is a complex image that cannot be masked? I have CS6 and not CC.

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  8. Thank you! I've spent hours watching tutorials and reading articles and going between Illustrator, Photoshop,
    Gimp, and Inkscape and yours was the only one to clear things up and actually work!

  9. thank you very much ! I tried in many different ways to get a transparent background from PS to AI…now it works….great…THANK YOU ! Greetings from Berlin.

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