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Top Tips For Naming Your Brand in 2021 | with Canon Wing (aka Cannon), Branding Expert

Top Tips For Naming Your Brand in 2021

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Whenever I share with someone that I’m a professional namer and have been for the past 25+ years, a whole bunch of follow-up questions are almost always inevitable because naming a business is SO important to get right the first time—especially NOW in 2021. And everyone I meet is in a state of urgency to get their brand right and get it up right now. Here are the insider answers to some of the most common questions entrepreneurs are asking me when deciding how to name their brand. Watch now!

Top Tips:

✅ Naming the emotion you want your brand to infuse into your brand culture and community, and then delivering that emotional experience with consistency is going to become increasingly relevant to the world as we move into 2021.

✅ “Find a higher purpose for your brand that is aligned with your Ideal Individuals’ values and ethics, and use that higher purpose to guide you in developing every aspect of your brand.”

✅ People often won’t remember exactly what they see, or what they read, but they will remember how a brand makes them feel.

✅ “You want your brand’s name to open a wide and welcome door that feels like coming home.”

✅ The business’s name connects people with the brand promise to fulfill a deep wish, and this creates a very personal connection between your business and your brand community.

Have Questions? I LOVE Questions Because The Courage To Ask Is the #1 Most Powerful Tool We Have To Learn. Ask Away In The Comment Box Below Or Contact Me Directly.

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