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Top Nikon d500 Settings to Change – How I Customized My Camera

Shooting more with Nikon over the past year has me desiring to experience more of what Nikon has to offer. As I spent time with the Nikon D500, I wanted to set it up to work best for my shooting style.

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  1. Who else loves how customizable Nikon cameras are?
    Timestamps for your convenience:
    – Playback Display Options Focus Point 1:12
    – Enable RAW 2:48
    – Set picture control to Neutral 5:15
    – Beep Off (Wrench)
    – Set Video to 4K30p 6:24
    – Set Mic to manual 7:50
    – Set MFn1 to My Menu 8:24
    – Photo Mode Controls 11:19
    – Movie Mode Controls 12:57
    – Camera Setup Menu 13:42
    – Image Copyright Setting 14:47
    – My Menu Setup: 16:39
    – Auto Focus Setup & Change (Side button and wheels) 18:45

  2. Hi , really enjoy your videos. I have a question for you on my
    Nikon D500. When setting the shutter speed after the "bulb" there is a
    setting called "–". Whats is this for? Thanks in advance

  3. Absolutely back button focusing
    I use the AF-ON to single point
    I use the sub selector to group (AF-Area mode + AF-ON)
    So in AF-C I have the best of two world, if I need to get the bird hiding behind an object I get him with AF-ON single point, and if moving then with the group switching by simply moving my thumb to the sub selector and pushing on it I keep tracking and the shutter button is only for shooting.
    I choose Release + Focus to get better keepers at the expense of slower bursts.
    Credit where it belongs:

  4. The auto focus button segment at the end was done too fast and I didn't notice any direction on how to switch to different areas. Totally confused me.

  5. I love my D500!! Hands down one of the best cameras I ever owned in over 50 years of photography. Lens, better selection, low light?? OH yeah. Low ISO WOW.. Get one you will not go wrong.

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