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Top 6 Mocha Problems in Adobe After Effects [Track Data Mistakes]

Here are the top 6 mistakes people make in using their Mocha tracking data in After Effects. Your track looks perfect inside Mocha AE but you can’t seem to get it right back in After Effects. Run through this checklist with Ben Brownlee to get the results you need:

1) Have I created my tracking data in the plug-in?
2) Have I applied it to the right layer?
3) Is it the right type of tracking data?
4) Is my Surface set correctly in the Mocha interface?
5) Are my tracked footage and insert clips the same resolution?
6) Am I sure my tracked footage and insert clips are the same resolution?

Linked videos:

Learn more about Transform Data:

What is the planar surface?

Learn more about Boris FX Mocha Pro and Mocha AE:

Compare Mocha Pro to Mocha AE:

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  1. It took me a while to realize my insert clip had to be the same resolution as my tracked clip. This video is definitely a must have and is greatly appreciated. I would love to see some in-depth tutorials on using the mesh warp for things like adding tattoos, scars, ect.

  2. I can't copy my tracking data from Mocha to a Layer… it only copies the first keyframe.
    Is there a way to not separate dimensions of the scale? Seems like this is the problem.. or I don't know what's happening

  3. My problem is that when I apply tracking data to a pre-comp, it doesn't just move the precomp over a bit, it literally crops the whole thing, scales it unproportionably, and I can do nothing about it

  4. These are not "Mocha Problems" as the title suggests, but rather "Operator Error" issues… I am looking for a video that addresses problems that MOCHA is having with tracking… NOT the user. I need a "TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO" about how to solve Mocha's issues when tracking.

  5. Übrigens, im ganzen Internet weiß das gefühlt niemand, aber Mocha funktioniert nicht in verlinkten Kompositionen mit Premiere! Ich dachte ich teil euch das mal mit.
    Mocha doesn't work in linked Compositions!

  6. it's great video but i have message when i open mocha (confirm proxy tracking ) and when i remove object from scene every thing get into black i don't know why ^^

  7. what does it mean when there's missing keyframes? i've applied the tracking data to the clip, but there are only keyframes for like 3 random clusters of the clip. this shouldn't be so. did something go wrong inside of boris?

  8. What do you do if you tracked the whole thing and didn't align the surface? When I try to do this after the fact, the surface moves a lot. Can you keyframe the surface? Or can you export just the x spline data and not worry about the surface?

  9. I wasted half a day because of that f**king gear button. Gear buttons are the universal icon for SETTINGS, not for "if you don't click this, the next step will never happen" types of action. The guy in the tutorial I watched was clicking it subconsciously in half a second and not mentioning it.

  10. Hi Ben,
    In the phone example (tracking drift, at 3:56), an easier solution (I think):
    You just need (in After Effects) to copy the anchor point coordinates of the main video and paste them into the (anchor point of the) layer of the picture to be applied. Then magic…

  11. Really useful tips, thanks. However, I can't overstate how annoying the background music is in this video! Far too loud, and the over-aggressive ducking with the voiceover is distracting as hell! Needs to be half as loud, and just leave it at the same level throughout.

  12. Is there a cheat sheet of what tracking to use? I want add some animated birds into the far distance on a mountain, the camera is also moving away from the mountain. Do I use a transform track? Or camera solve?

  13. Hi, I'm having trouble applying the surface correctly, I think. The track is not steady, and I have tried just about everything I know to fix it, but it still won't work. Are you able to provide any examples of how to apply the surface to track a screen replacement, including the perspective changing?

  14. My AE is crashing when I open mocha. I am using AE 2017 14.0.1. As soon as I apply the Mocha effect and click on mocha icon my AE crashes 😓. Please help me

  15. sometimes a pop-up screen appears when I enter the software "the host is not set to full resolution. Tracking at reduced resolution can be faster but is less accurate. Do you wish to continue tracking at proxy resolution?" I don't know what to do? thank you

  16. what does this mean:
    One or more layers were not tracked properly.
    Try increasing the minimum percentage of pixels used.
    It happens a number of times but not always – thanks for the help

  17. I paid for Adobe after effects, and P Pro a week ago….. I still cant get any video to track how I want..I'm very disappointed. My mocha tracking data does not transfer and track the null object no matter what I do.

  18. Hello ben, I have this weird problem, even when following your checklist. I made a nice tracking in mocha and looks great, but when I apply the tracking data to the clip, the corner points are some 20 pixels off the place the show inside mocha. I tried everything but can´t make them coincide. what can I make to fix this ?

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