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Top 5 Latest Camera and Photography Accessories Innovations in 2021

In this video we will be covering the top 5 latest camera and Photography accessories innovations in 2021.

InstantKon SF70 –
A classic reimagined. Full manual control. Truly analogue.
Operates like a classic camera – And it feels like one too.Customized shutter, aperture, and lens – The designs are optimized for an instant camera to give you the best pictures.Aperture control – Shoot photos with incredible depth-of-field. Some people call it bokeh. At the closest distance 75cm and f/5.6, SF70 gives you a phenomenal shallow 4.9cm depth-of-field. f/5.6 (35mm equivalent: f/2.4) . The authentic bellows are handmade by our artisans. Bellows make the camera foldable, letting the camera become compact. Shutter speed control – So that you can control the exact amount of light hitting the film, making pictures the way you want.

Full –
The Camera Battery Re-invented. For many photographers, power is a major struggle.if you’re shooting video or working in live-view, a battery charge never seems to last, so you are stuck carrying 3 or 4 batteries in your kit. X-TRA battery is here to solve that problem and simplify your kit with one revolutionary accessory.
It is 2 X capacity of an LP-E6 battery (3,700 mAh) while still light enough to carry around, featuring charge level indicator, can be reloaded in just one sec, can recharge batteries or supply power via usb-c and can also be converted into a power bank (7,200 mAh)

A smart camera gadget for creative photography. This powerful device helps you capture stunning time-lapse videos, HDR photos, high-speed actions, extraordinary lightning strikes, and more. You will be undoubtedly impressed by its great features and be amazed by the contribution it will make to your photography

VALOI 360 –
An affordable way of digitising your rolls of 35mm and medium format film using your digital camera without compromising on features.
VALOI 360 is a system of modular physical tools that enables easy, consistent, and professional digitising of 35mm or 120 film negatives using a digital camera. Whether you are a student on a tight budget or find joy in scanning yourself, VALOI 360 will optimize your scanning workflow and improve your scanning results. It is designed by passionate film photographers to maximize functionality, such as an S-curved track for film flattening, and provide a complete set of features, all while keeping costs down. Currently, the system consists of three main parts – the two different Holders and the Film Advancer.

OCham –
OCham is an invisible magnetic camera mount especially designed for the Insta360 ONE R. With its groundbreaking design, OCham may protect your camera inside a transparent sphere. It lets you discover new camera angles and brings your creativity to a new level.

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