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TOP 10 Best Sony A7C ACCESSORIES For Photography! Essential Camera Gear For Beginner Photographers

In this video, I go over my pick for the top 10 accessories you should buy for your Sony A7C. Some of the items on the list are specific to the Sony A7C, but most of them are relevant to beginning photographers using all types of cameras!

Link to Gerald Undone’s VND shootout video

I’ll put timestamps below if you want to skip around or if you want to come back later for reference.

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Links to products mentioned in this video:
Smallrig L-Bracket:

Kiwifotos Eyecup:

Polar Pro PMVND Edition II:

Aperture MC:

Peak Designs Camera Strap:

Lowepro Protactic BP450 AW II:

3-Legged Thing Corey Punks:

Manfrotto Tripod:

Neewer Arca Swiss Mounts:

Sony Batteries:

RavPower Batteries & Charger:

Smallrig Multitool:


Gear used to make this video:
-Sony A7C
-Sony 85mm 1.8 FE
-Sony G 20mm 1.8 FE
-Sony A6400
-Sigma 16mm 1.4 APSC
-Sigma 30mm 1.4 APSC
-Sony 18-135mm APSC
-Godox VL-150
-3 Legged Things Punks Corey Tripod
-Blue Microphones Mouse
-Rode VideoMic Pro+
-Focusrite 2i2

0:00 Intro
0:34 Smallrig L-Bracket
2:04 Kiwifotos Eyecup
3:34 Polar Pro PMVND Edition II
7:54 Aperture MC
8:49 Peak Designs Camera Strap
9:18 Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AWII
10:11 3-Legged Thing Corey Punks
11:20 Extra Batteries and Charger
12:05 Tools
12:47 Cleaning Supplies
13:44 Final Thoughts
14:51 Outro

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  1. Smallrig makes straps just as good as peak design. I have them. A wrist strap and neck strap, i can switch between them in seconds. Ohh and i have an a7c ๐Ÿ“ธ , great camera.

  2. Hey! So glad to have come across your channel. Loved the short, crisp and to the point narratives.
    Love from India.
    I use a song A7C too, and this vid really helped me making a list for future purchases.

  3. Hi Matt, I just bought an a7c. I charged it up and made sure to give it a full charge before using it.
    Now I m here changing the settings and stuff but I notice that my camera gets warm. Does your camera have this effect to? I'm just a bit concerned.

  4. Great video man! Bought an a7c for vlogging over on my theme park channel and I am loving it so much. I picked up a cheap $40 variable ND filter that is…. um OK i guess. I didnt wanna spend big money cause I wasn't sure how i'd like using one. I'm finding that I love the look of vlogging at f/2.8 and since i wanna follow the shutter rule, a ND filter is a must.

    Since I mostly vlog on bright days at theme parks – which variable ND should I get as far as stops goes? I'm leaning towards the 6-9 stops like the one you have.

  5. Do you shoot VND on in the home videos?? if don't then are you constantly removing and attaching VND while you shoot in outside??

    thanks Love from India โค๏ธ

  6. Ha. Have nearly everything the same as you do. Just that I'm still rocking the Lowepro Protactic 450 AW I and I'm still saving for the PMVND… Good tip with the batteries though

  7. Nice video. Iโ€™ve been using $20 Fotga VNDs for years, and theyโ€™re awesome Provided you know not to max them out (yes, noobs canโ€™t do that on PM VNDs), youโ€™ll find theyโ€™re excellent. No wacky colour casts. Get one for every lens, and donโ€™t fiddle around with that gigantor stepup. That eyecup is great. The cage kinda blows the idea of a small, light camera for me. Itโ€™s also a shame covering up that camera. I use a low profile arca swiss plate that is completely flat underneath with a retractable thumbscrew. It sits solid and comes off quick (I donโ€™t take it off though).

  8. Just ordered the A7C so this list is great! By the way what lens do you use with your A7C and do you use any UV filters to protect your lens from dust and accidental scratches when your not using a ND filter?

  9. great recommends. I LOVE THE L BRACKET. I use them religiously, will never shoot without it BUT, I also love the Peak Design Capture Clips. How do you deal with a capture clip plate & the L bracket? Curious to hear your workaround.

  10. I personally wouldn't recommend the L bracket. It blocks flip out screen from fully opening and with the screen out it blocks the screen from fully rotating. I believe Mike Smith did a video on this issue. The SmallRig cage, I feel, is a better choice. Extends the grip, though not quite as much as the L bracket, and provides a little extra protection for your camera. That being said may not be a huge deal if you are primarily a EVF shooter.

  11. I highly recommend trying the peak design leash strap with the A7c. I used the slide lite previously but because of the stiffness of the material where it doubles over at the locks I found that while using the camera I just didnโ€™t care for the strap. The leash solved that problem 100% and itโ€™s plenty comfortable enough for a lighter setup like the A7c and Tamron 17-28.

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