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Tips for Using the Zoom H1n with the Canon M50

Alex Vaughn Miller shares a few tips for pairing the Zoom H1n audio recorder with the Canon EOS M50 for film-making. He has used this combo for making over a dozen short films and almost a hundred video blogs over the last 12 months.

Here’s a link to his most recent bilingual (English & Esperanto) short film:

If you want to monitor your audio in real time, get an audio splitter and plug it into the H1n so that you can hear what it sends to the camera and you will then know the moment anything goes wrong.

Within the M50’s menu, whenever you have a Zoom attached, set the audio to manual and have the level set to one tiny notch above zero. This will lead to very clean audio coming in. You can simply adjust the output volume on the Zoom to raise or lower what the camera is getting. Remember that the gain dial on the H1n determines how sensitive the microphone is but its volume buttons decide how loud the sound heading to the camera will be.

Here’s a link to the Zoom H1n if you’re interested in getting one:

Here’s where I bought a used Canon M50 in great condition for a very low price:

Here’s the main lens I used in this video, also available on MPB at a very low price:

Here’s the Movo shock mount I use for placing the Zoom on top of the camera:

Here’s a video of Alex comparing the Canon EF-S 24mm pancake lens to the EF-M 22mm on the Canon M50:

Por Esperanto-lernantoj, mi decidis meti ĉi tiun filmeton ĉi tie por espereble allogi filmistojn al la kanalo kaj montri al ili kelkajn Esperantajn filmetojn dum ili ricevas utilan konsilon pri film-ekipaĵo. Mi rekomendas ke vi aĉetu ĉi tiun son-registrilon por bone registri vian voĉon (aparte se vi volas facile kaj altkvalite kunlabori kun aliaj samideanoj tra la mondo). Kiajn mikrofonojn vi uzas? Ĉu vi rekomendus aliajn?

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  1. It is nice that you are not on antidepressant after what you related…I haver the Zoom H4n, and I haver been there.
    What are your thoghts about a passive microphone like Rode Videomicro? It is allways on!

  2. thanks for making this video! I always seem to have audio issues. I was looking for solutions to monitor my audio while recording and I will take your advice and purchase a H1n/splitter cable.

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