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Time Lapse Edit in Adobe After Effects [Tutorial] [HD 1080p]


Project files: [No longer available due to bandwidth restrictions]

Quick and easy tutorial on how to edit your time lapses together. In this tutorial we will look at how to import your time lapse pictures and edit them in Adobe After Effects. We will cover:

– Time remapping
– Resizing your footage to 1080p resolution
– Basic colour grading of your footage
– Creating basic crop marks for that cinematic feel
– Creating a basic vignette around your footage
– Animating a simple camera move within After Effects


I used a Canon 600D DSLR camera with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 wide angle lens to shoot the time lapse. The following settings were used:

Shutter speed: 1/60
Aperture: f22
ISO: 100
Resolution: 1920×1280 [S2 setting on Canon DSLRs]

The pictures were taken using an intervalometer with an interval of 3 seconds for a total duration of around 45 minutes.

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  1. not that good tutorial..some stuff you make pretty fast, some you dont quite explain to the end..and at the do you actualy now export this all as a timelapse video?

  2. I made several time lapses using this technique but you probably arent' active anymore anddddddddd youtube doesnt' allow for vid responses anymore i guess. Too bad excellent tutorial though thanks.

  3. Thanks! Particularly liked the straightforward info on adding movement/motion into the scene. Time lapses are nice on their own, but adding just that little bit of movement improves it tenfold.

  4. hey id like to ask you. if i put 400 photos wich are 5MB each and create a video (25 fps) how big will the final movie be? is going to be like 400x 5MB or is there some compression?

  5. Thank you for making this. I am in the process of making films for my music, and this will arm me well with many more tools to use in my creative journeys. as soon as I am done, I will post it. Thank you again.

  6. Great video, but when i try to import the files a window pops up for each individual one that asks for contrast, saturation, and other info that I must x out of, so it would take forever to get through the hundreds of images. Do you know how to disable this?

  7. I always appreciate this type of tutorial because it gets me into using a new app with some level of skill. After using Photoshop, Ae is somewhat easier to learn than Photoshop. Thanks for the video.

  8. Thank yor a great tutorial.. but i ran into a problem..
    When i set the "time remap" from 27 sek to 10 sek, all the images run faster, but after 10 sek it i get a still image of the last picture until 27 sek before it loops, in your video it looped in the timespan you set, any idear why it does that?

  9. Really informative and great tutorial. I have a question. What if I change the frame rate to 30fps (assuming my original footage is of 30fps) ?? Can I still have the cinematic nature?!?!

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