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This Effects Requires GPU ACCELERATION | How to solve this problem | Install CUDA Driver | IN HINDI

Whenever you apply any effect in your Adobe Premiere Pro, it shows this error “This Effects Requires GPU ACCELERATION.”
In this video we will fix this problem.

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  1. window 10, i7 9th gen. 64gb ram. when I put effect in timeline it shows in preview, but after rendering when I play the clip, there is no effect? I think this is not GPU Acceleration issue!

  2. The CUDA software environment consists of three parts:

    CUDA Toolkit (libraries, CUDA runtime and developer tools) – User-mode SDK used to build CUDA applications

    CUDA driver – User-mode driver component used to run CUDA applications (such as on Linux systems)

    NVIDIA GPU device driver – Kernel-mode driver component for NVIDIA GPUs

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