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The Pocket 6K Pro Camera is Awful But I Love It!

Review of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. This is a great camera with one serious problem.
My Pocket Cinema Camera Guide:


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0:00 Introduction
0:37 Video Specs
1:25 Display and EVF
1:53 Internal ND Filters
2:09 EF Mount, Sensor and Dual ISO
2:32 Image Quality
2:57 Camera I/O
3:20 The Bad Things
7:36 Solution to the Problems
8:25 More Bad Stuff
9:04 My Recommendations
9:28 6K Pro vs Canon C70


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  1. What a waste! I thought your channel kinda usefully but you only make videos for views. start with the clickbait title then 10 minutes you talk about the ergonomics of the camera. Guess what it's not a run and gun camera never meant to be. It's a budget cinema camera . 9 out 10 people would buy this camera for its image and price. Most dont go out and shoot handheld family videos with it. You should stick with dslrs only my friend.

  2. The form factor complaints are greatly overstated. Put a cage or half cage on it with a wooden handle. Done. I have two BMPCC 4Ks. I have a nicely balanced Neewer shoulder rig with follow focus and a 7-inch Feelworld Ultra-Bright. I have a matte box for ND's and infrared glass. I've never desired to have auto-focus because I consider myself a cinematographer, not a photographer. I have a Moza Air 2 gimbal. I use fast Rokinon cine lenses (bokeh for days). I have no complaints. I'm addicted to BRAW and its endless flexibility. I use a v-mount battery when using a tripod. I have the dual F-550 battery grip but I don't use it. I keep a pocketful of LP-E6 batteries and switch them out when necessary. I shot 10 interviews last week on a single LP-E6 and still had 36% left. Easy peasy. I know the 6K Pro is bigger but not that much bigger. The point (and I do have one) is that for the money, BMD allows me to shoot 100% pro-level stuff. I've never considered the form factor to be an issue. I just bought what I needed to shoot what I want to shoot. I still saved money over other options.

  3. This camera is 100% comfortable for me to hold in my hands. I film a lot on the Arri and Red also and really love the 6k Pro. The 6k Pro to me is like owning an Arri that is so good for run and gun that i don't even hav to rig (in a cage) to go shoot with. Those complaining about this camera have never shot on an Arri or Red. I had to rigg my first 6k as its required for monitor and battery. I bought a cage for this 6k Pro but only for when am going full hand held/tripod on a medium/large budget shoot and need to impress the client, aside from that, i really like the way it handles. In my opinion this isn't the best camera for under $2500 but its one of the BEST CINEMA camera for under $7,000 concidering the features that you get in this camera compare to any other camera under $7,000. If this camera was the same price as the canon C70 ($5,500), i'd still pick the 6k Pro. Then again, i shoot movies and music videos.

  4. cool, I picked one up and am stunned at the image quality and overall how many things BM got right on this camera compared to previous versions of the studio or pocket camera. I'll be looking for that rigging video, it will be nice to put my fpv quad soldering skills for something else, I'm surprised you didn't try out the tilta rig with the handle with this

  5. Adding the grip and EVF to the 6K does take this closer to 3500 USD. At that price point, I'd love to see your comparison of the P6K Pro against a Panasonic S1 or S5 with a 5 or 7 inch Blackmagic HDR recorder that allows for 6K BRAW recording from the Panasonics (along with the full frame sensor, 'better' AF, and a decent set of video codecs for the internal recording too).

  6. I think ergonomics wise you're using it wrong. I dont think its meant to be used ENG style. I think its meant to be either sitting on a tripod or rigged up to how you need it to be for extra money. I think its meant to be a way to shoot amazing footage for cinema (not ENG) on an extremely low budget.

  7. Dude what a joke haha I have this camera and I have never thought this. Sure it's a funky shape but it's NEVER ruined a shot or stopped me from shooting something. Some people are such premadonna.

  8. The struggle is real! My best solution for the ergonomic issue, is by using a base plate with rods. I'm able to keep my palm rested on the rods while pulling focus, not ideal, but it works.

  9. I've shot a bunch of videos with my 6k Pro and I disagree with pretty much your entire complaint department. Is the camera slightly big and clunky? For sure, but 'Awful' is pretty far fetched and over-dramatic. The camera is absolutely ridiculous quality for the money. 99% of people using it will be rigging it up with a follow focus or something similar. The whole 'palm' complaint is super strange and VERY specific to only you! 🙂

  10. I mean…. I can hold it the way he's talking about… maybe because I have large hands? Also, the reason why the battery life is so poor, is because you literally have a built in 5inch Monitor…eliminating the weight of having to have an external monitor.

  11. We use a pair of 6K Pro's for all our productions and a 6K for our YouTube content. Fair criticisms all around, but like you said towards the end, for what you're paying/getting in this camera, it's absolutely unparalleled. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

  12. trust me the size and weight is not a deal breaker. if you want a affordable cine cam, buy this. you can build a rig using SmallRig parts to even the weight out

  13. Its not Giant, you have small hands are come from a generation of phone users.. Those of us that came for the Analog world into DV Really want these cameras to be larger and more Camera like. Go pick up a Real old School Camera and use it for a living.. 🙂 then you will love the 6k pro and will no longer "hate" Remember its not a ENG camera. You are asking for a Cinema Camera to be an ENG camera. We do not want that. Love your Vids. !!! But you just have tiny hands 🙂

  14. Honestly the amount of rigging the new pocket cameras require makes the 6k versions not that great value proposition. The 4k is still a great deal, but if you want a portable raw solution, a Lumix S5+Ninja V will end up costing less for a more versatile package, and if you want to use the 6k pockets to their full extennt, you're gonna spend enough on rigging to make it come close to an FX6/ Ursa G2 in price, and I'd always pick them over Frankensteining a pocket

  15. It may not be a "spec" that you can convey on paper, but the updated color science is the best thing about this camera to me. If you don't want to spend a lot of time grading, this camera is pretty unbeatable for the price. The only real downsides are battery life, ergonomics, and autofocus.

  16. Honestly, I’ve operated reds and arris quite often and I must say, I own the pocket 6k pro and it’s single handedly one of the best cameras I’ve used, from features, size, images quality and even working with the files in post production. Yes indeed, the form factor and shape of the camera is a bit awkward and weird but I feel like 90% of cameras in consumer/pro market in like this. For ex. Reds and Arri, come as a brick, and by no means I’m comparing this camera to those higher end cameras but the newer pocket line isn’t too far off. I’m saying this to say, when buying a Red or Arri, you buy it with the intention of rigging it out for you personal comfort. Have that same mentality with the 6k pro, the out of the box shape and size is horrendous, but consider the features that your getting along with the built in NDs, your looking at a camera that’s well over $4000, that your only getting for $2500. So I would Definitely invest a little more money to rigg it out for your liking. Let me know your thoughts 🤔🤘🏽

  17. I don’t think the ergonomics is much of a problem like you describe.. the ultimate for me is the image quality that comes out of this little beast.. I am a film maker and can always use a tripod or gimbals and have a focus puller… problem solved. I believe you are referring to the run and gun shooters.. but hey there is always a way around these things.. image quality is paramount.

  18. I don’t feel the ergonomic issues as much. I was more annoyed with the C70 when I rented it. The HDMI on the C70 comes out right where I rest my hand, seems like it would break off. A cage could fix I suppose but C70 is already heavy. For good hand held ergo you need something heavy with a top handle, URSA, C300 iii, FX9 etc. all DSLR bodies kids stink. Maybe Blackmagic should have went with more of a basic cube design???

  19. Personally, I think this is the best camera out there. Image wise, it blows even more expensive cameras completely out of the water. Ergonomic-wise, you'll learn to work with it. I just use a Plong plate or some rods and the grip is fantastic! Great video, Caleb.

  20. I think the best thing blackmagic design could’ve done was a CUBE rather than anything else. I guess, as I said before, they didn’t want to compromise the nice screen, but yes, as you said, the ergonomics sucks as well as the battery life. I had to rig it up in order to work better, but of course, now it’s heavier. Great video as always, man. Cheers

  21. The inbody battery slot is useless as the battery life is close to unusable and the battery grip is awful. So you need a place for batteries to go, which makes the screen useless because that is where you shove your battery plate, so you need an external monitor.

    Everything about this body design is ass backwards and wrong. It is a sorry state of affairs when it is so awkward you could improve it 1000% by leaving unnecessary shit away:

    – Remove the battery/slot
    – Remove the monitor
    – Remove the moulded side grip
    – trim all unnecassary wasted space
    – cubify the body to the smallest possible footprint

  22. I've gotten used to the ergonomics. I flip the screen to face up, and I press that against my stomach. I love it. Perfect A cam to my Canon R5 acting as a B cam. I won't lie though, I wish I spent a bit more and went with the C70.

  23. Wow! That's was a very important review. I almost bought one of these for my wedding shootings. But gave up after learning about the poor autofocus – vital on such events. Now you brought this ergonomics issue. I just can't imagine how I would end up after spending 6-8 hours holding this.

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