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The NEW BEST 360 Photo Editing Workflow

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Photoshop has now DISCONTINUED their 360 photo editing mode, which was a popular editing solution for 360 & virtual tour photographers alike. So in this video i’ll share NEW workflows that avoid Photoshop completely AND provide a better overall 360 editing experience.

πŸ‘‡ Everything i mentioned in this video:

Adobe Lightroom:
Affinity Photo:
Ricoh Theta Standalone Stitcher:
Adobe’s article about 3D features discontinued:
Flexify 2:
My Virtual Tour Pro course:



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Best VR headset:
Camera i film my YouTube vids with:
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Hard drive i edit with:
My Phone:

πŸ–₯ Software i use:
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Increasing photo quality:
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Virtual tours (free):
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0:00 Introduction
0:20 The problem….
1:47 My thoughts
3:08 My NEW workflow
3:28 Lightroom CC
3:49 Ricoh Theta Standalone Stitcher
4:18 Affinity Photo
4:52 TouchRetouch
5:22 Workflow combinations
5:49 Flexify 2
6:34 Summary
7:04 New workflow training
7:17 Will Photoshop become 360 friendly again?



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  1. Sorry for being MIA!!! We're in a 4 month lockdown in Sydney right now which has kept me busy making new videos for my Virtual Tour Pro course AND buying waaaaaaay too many house plants πŸ˜…

  2. That's so sad to hear. I've been using Adobe for so long and lately they're not doing so great…. People are running away from Premiere and now I see a trend of people coming out of Photoshop. We'll see how they react. I gotta try one these you recommended tho.

  3. Hi Ben – Not used affinity yet. One thing I use PS for is to add an image (logo) over the stand nadir as a layer and merge down, then export (as per your previous explainer video showing how to do this and add text using PS). I assume affinity can do this?

  4. Good to see you online. Love watching your videos you always provide inspiration. By the way I love retouch. I did not know though it’s available on the Mac? I’ll have to look into that

  5. i was chatting with adobe product managers and was like, fella, wtf? they’re hoping to re-earn users back with next gen software that will run lightening fast on next gen hardware aka m1, AMD, and NVIDIA gpus.

  6. Great background music choice!! I always watch ur videos once they're published. But idk why YouTube has never recommended them to me. I have to manually search for yr channel.

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