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The Camera Gear that Changed my Life (the humble wrist strap)

We all have some piece of photo gear that changed the way we work. Chris Niccolls tells us what product rocked his world: the camera wrist strap. Watch to find out why.

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  1. Hey Chris I found you and Jordan by accident scrolling through YouTube awesome you guys are awesome man love you guys I learned a bunch of stuff watching your videos 💖🤚👍

  2. I’m going to say for me it was Flickr of the mid-2000s. Digital photography was just taking hold. Amazing community. Experimental, creative and largely supportive with a genuine mix of very experienced photographers and newbies.

  3. Neoprene strap safer. NOT round your neck, a poor way, over your left shoulder and under your right arm. weight spread is better, the camera will not swing away much if you bend and you can brace quite well too.

  4. I'm so mad at this guy for throwing expensive gear, many people cannot even afford to buy, out of mere boredom, a stalemate with creativity, or whatever his tiny reasons might be, that I feel like I'd punch him in the face. Not cool, dude.

  5. IBIS. Can't really say anything else. Honestly, it's one of the best innovations that really impact me in a big way. Any lens is stabilized, and because the lens doesn't need to be, it can be as optically perfect as possible.

  6. After listening to you, Chris, I decided 55 years of neck straps was enough. I bought a SpiderPro wrist strap for 50% off from B&H. Just spent yesterday hiking and it really was a revolution. My camera was always on, always ready, I shot ten times what I normally do, and came up with all kind of keepers. Thanks for steering an old guy to a new and better way!

  7. Chris is old? That's funny! The camera that changed my photography is my Deardorff 8×10. I liked shooting that format so much I didn't use anything else for a period of about 15 years.

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