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The Best Event Photography Tips (with the Canon EOS R)

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The microphone in this video, the Movo VXR10:
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My favorite camera: Canon EOS R:
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The RF 15-35mm lens:
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Colored DJ light for background:

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Some of my tips for event photography involve developing a relationship with the host of the event, both at the opening of an event and the end of the event. At the beginning of the event where you are responsible for event photography, ask the host for an agenda or outline of the event and ask what to expect in terms of images that they specifically want captured at specific points. More details on that in the video. Also, at the close of the event, give advance notice (15-20 minutes) to the host before you pack up that you will be leaving soon. Other tips include how to use your flash for better images, including options for diffusers and bouncing the camera flash for more pleasing images.

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  1. EOS R questions. Im having issues with EOS R EVF timeout, I find myself turning off camera in between shots to prevent Timeout. Secondly and evf freezes for 2 seconds with every picture which makes continuous photography "shooting blind". I thought maybe this video would cover those issues

  2. Great Video Wes – I had that same issue with the "bounce card", I'd actually mentioned it to one of the folk on the Canon Live Chat –
    – the advisor there gave me some examples, and turns out it's designed in mind to help create catchlights in the subject's eyes rather than any form of bounce, really helpful to know. Think I'll be subscribing thanks!!

  3. great tips. Whenever I shoot a family event the thing I struggle the most is to take vertical shots with the speedlite mounted on my cam. Any advise on how to avoid those nasty shadows from lateral light? Any modifier thet works? There are some tilting arms but they are truly cumbersome, I rather hold the flash on my hand and use a cable or trigger….

  4. Love it! Events are not only great gigs, but great ways to network. When working an event, I like to think I am auditioning for future clients. As always, I enjoyed the video….great tips and info.

  5. Hello Wes! I've been doing event photography using natural light pretty much always lol. It's been a challenge but I always liked the look of it, but I guess it's time to upgrade and try different things in order to get better results!
    Thanks for the tips! great video as always!

  6. Great stuff from my 2 favorite YT's! This is valuable info for novice photo shooters like me that can be used in everyday shooting. You and Pablo make a great team – good fun. Thanks for sharing another informative and fun video. Mahalo and Aloha!

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