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The BEST Cameras for Beginning Filmmaking in 2021 – Choosing the Right Camera for Your Videos

Choosing the best cameras for beginning filmmaking in 2021 can be very overwhelming with all the choices out there, but this 2021 camera buyers guide will help you determine the best 4K camera upgrade for filmmaking 2021 for you to improve your video business!

Canon EF-RF Lens Adapter:

-Aspect Ratios Explained:
-Frame in a Frame:
-18:9 Aspect Ratio:
-Leading Lines:
-Short-Sided Framing:
-Focal Length for Storytelling:
-180 Degree Rule Explained:
-Breaking the 180° Rule:
-Rule of Thirds Explained:
-Rule of Thirds in Films:
-Matt Damon B-Roll:
-Dialogue Video Cuts:
-Aperture for Storytelling:

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🎥My MAIN Camera:
📹My Second Backup Camera:
📸My Favorite Lens:
⚖Awesome camera gimbal:
🎤The Camera Mic:
🚁My Drone:
📍The BEST monopod:
⚓My Main Tripod:
✈The Travel Tripod:
💡Sweet Ring Light:
🛒My Slider:
🎒My Awesome Travel Camera Bag:
💻Macbook Pro for Editing:
🖥AWESOME Widescreen monitor:

🔗 DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This video and description contains affiliate links 🔗, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue making videos like this. Thank you for your support!


Figuring out what the best camera for beginning filmmaking can be very overwhelming. There are DSLR cameras, Mirrorless cameras, cell phones, drones, and all kinds of other options to choose. This video serves as a beginner filmmaker’s video camera buyers guide 2021 for helping to decide which is the best camera in 2021 for video. The best camera for filmmaking in 2021 is very subjective because the best camera 2021 changes depending on what your needs are. But when looking at a beginner filmmaking camera, there are a few things you want to be able to craft your story with the camera, and this video will show the best 4k camera for beginning filmmaking 2021. You’ll get a Canon t8i review, a Sony a6100 review, a Canon EOS R review, and a Sony a7C review so you can choose from these best 2021 filmmaking cameras depending on your brand preference and budget. All of these mirrorless cameras for video and DSLR cameras for video are great for beginners filmmakers in 2021 that give you options based on your budget. You have the option to choose from the best camera under 800 dollars, the best camera under 1000 dollars, and the best cameras under 2000 dollars. I hope this Camber Motion tutorial will help you in determining the best camera for video 2021 for you!

Camber Motion is the educational filmmaking tutorial branch of Camber Films. Welcome to the channel, and I hope you find the videos helpful! Hit that 👍 LIKE👍 button if you enjoy the content so I’ll know if it’s making a difference. Leave a COMMENT down below with any questions you have about the video or about any other filmmaking topics. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you’ll know when the latest content is posted!

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  1. Really good and informative video. Thank you. I have an SL2 but i plan on filming a documentary and entering it into film festivals. So i'm really thinking about a 4K camera, just in case 1080 is not accepted or high res enough.

  2. If like to record an uninterrupted 3 hour 1080p 60fpm video on the Sony a6100. I cannot find online how much video time I get on a 128gb or a 256gb memory card. Also does recording at 120fpm cut the memory exactly in half?

  3. In 4K the EOS R crop is unacceptable for many looking for wide angle video. The a7C does not. Also there is nothing wrong with Panasonic. The GH5 has been the video sweetheart for many for years. Real Cinema capabilities on top of that. The new GH5 mk.2 even more so. As a beginner I agree with you on a systems approach for growth. Don’t forget about monitors battery packs and much more that is needed for the video journey. It starts really with you and ends with you. The gear is in the middle of your creative process. And story is why we do it. Ask Ron Howard about that or Hans Zimmer. It is about story always. I have been a photo fan for years. Film remembert that stuff. Video is my latest and greatest for especially house of worship. I use for now an a6400 Sony for my on the fly recording in 4K UHD for my creative options. I have a Panasonic AG-UX90 professional camcorder coming for doing even more. I may go all Panasonic and leave Sony. But that has yet to be determined. I like what the a6400 is doing for me. Except for the bad battery life, work around on that it is stellar. Also don’t forget about used. Save a bunch and get a better camera because someone else had upgrade-itis. Done used for years and saved much. I don’t necessarily need latest and greatest and pay through the nose for it. Think systems, think your expectations,think your workflow, and lastly who is this for you are sharing with. Personal or Professional.

  4. Great video, super informative, and it's nice to finally find someone who compares different budget options in full depth, I've stumbled across many videos showing off 'budget' options that all start at 2 grand+ cameras which for a suuuuuper beginner person like myself isn't ideal haha. I love the look of the Alpha A6100, seems like it has a great amount of features to get started and practice with, might pick that one up, it's good that they have cheap mount options for the mic too so it doesn't cover the screen! Thank you so much for the helpful information, I look forward to seeing more from you 🙂

  5. Hey bro what do you suggest if I need to make small 30 second to 2min videos? I’m starting a business and would just need some shots of me talking showing some products and maybe some vids showcasing healthy restaurants.

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