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The Best Camera For YouTubers – 2021 Edition – The Best Camera For Photography / Film / Vlogging

The Best Camera For Youtubers – 2021 Edition

In this video we discuss what it means to own the best camera, the worst camera, or just about any camera. Can you just use your phone to film a movie? Watch the video and see for yourself!

Also, if you haven’t yet – I highly recommend checking out Gerald Undone’s video here:
Table of Contents:
0:00​​​​​​​ Opening
0:28 Number One Question?
0:50 Which One?
1:15 Top Brands Used By YouTubers
1:38 Which Should You Buy?
2:17 What Makes a Photographer or Filmmaker
2:59​ Summary

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Cameras used by MKBHD like RED camera, or Peter Mckinnon uses Sony or sometimes Canon. Vloggers use INSTA360, GoPros.. Which camera is right for you though? Stop searching for the best camera phone for 2021 – or the best camera for streaming. The best camera for 2021 is the one you have on you. Even if you are looking for the best camera for live.

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