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The Best Camera Bag for Wedding Photographers? | HoldFast Sightseer v2

When I first saw a version of the HoldFast Sightseer bag in 2016 I knew I’d need to get one eventually. The way that it integrates so perfectly with the MoneyMaker straps that I use seems like it’ll be the perfect fit for me.

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  1. The front loops are MOLLE attachment points, they're a military standard that's become common for a lot of hard duty gear, especially for backpacking or overloading

  2. That behind the back ‘reach around’ access looks super awkward man and would annoy the shit out of me lol

    Love my 10L Peak Design Sling but wish it was 15L! The search continues…..

    Thanks for the video 🤙🏼

  3. I like the moneymaker strap you have, is that the vegan version? Did you have to order the all-black hardware separately? I'm trying to look for one that is all black. I would appreciate the information thank you.

  4. I like your video, but I would never buy a camera bag where the rain can pour in even without opening the top flap. Some innocent person or yourself can by accident spill a cup of tea or a glass of Coke on your HoldFast Sightseer bag and the mess is perfect. Zippers must be covered to avoid rain water to leak through. The inside lining is beautiful. That's the only positive thing for me to say about your South California Sunshine bag. I'll stick to my bag with a large flap to cover the compartment and zippers protected against the elements.

  5. I already have more bags than my wife but thanks for making me visualize myself doing a giddy-up cowboy situation with my M10 and M2 walking into the next Japanese business event like "Arigato..hai hai.. my name is "Alex McLeatherston Jr."

  6. Neat bag, one thing I'd be cautious of would be the zipper in the mouth of the open bag. It looks as if the teeth would be in a prime 'scratch' position.

    They might not be, but I've caught stuff on exposed zippers before and it's a pain to scratch the body on the metal teeth when they could have been protected better.

  7. I've lusted after one of these for awhile but never pulled the trigger. One thing I wish they would change is the way the top opens, because when it's on the MM it opens towards you, meaning you 1) have to bring your hands around the sides of it to get access and 2) the contents are made more visible to other people. I have a cheaper messenger with zipper top access similar to the mk i sightseer bag, it just looks like actual sh*te compared to these handmade leather crafts 😆

  8. Interesting. Billingham for me (Hadley Pro and smaller). Waterproof, with better designed top-flap (and those batteries are surely likely to fall out without you noticing, surely?).

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