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Testing the NEW Select Subject Tool in Photoshop 2020

Today we put the brand new Select Subject Tool to the test in the latest update of Photoshop 2020. Join us as we cut out three different subjects from three different types of backgrounds: a simple background, a background with some detail, and a more complex background.

And, to really see what Select Subject can do, our final example includes a full head of flyaway hairs and fine hair details. How will the new Select Subject hold up? Watch to find out!

Download the Sample Images:

Learn to Make Advanced Selections in Photoshop:

Our Previous Test of Select Subject:



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  1. What are some of your favorite changes in the most recent round of Photoshop updates? Is there anything you'd like us to try and talk about? Let us know!

  2. I'm color blind !

    I would love a vectorscope in Photoshop/Lightroom. I use it all the time on premiere and After Effects.
    A completely colorblind person could set off a very good starting point for skin tones and white balance by just looking at the graphs.

  3. Hi ! Thanks for your great tutorials. There's something very weird with my mac and the subject selection tool: on my old mac pro with an adi radeon 5770 gpu the tool gives crappy results with 2018 and 2020 ps versions. On the contrary the same tool on my macbook air works perfectly and gives great results ! Same ps preferences. Can it depend on my graphic that's too old ? Please help it's driving me nuuuuts ! Thx. Good day.

  4. hi, i've learned a lot from you, keep it up. How come I also used "select" and the "subject" but the selection wasn't as good as as yours, especially the hair, is there setting i need to do? Tks!

  5. Nice demo but I wish you didn’t have to constantly remind us that the “high end” guys will need more advanced tools & skills. The editorializing kind detracts…😬

  6. Sensei is not AI, its an algorithm written by a human. Real AI would be Photoshop figuring out how to select an object without being told how to do it and Adobe would not have to release new versions of PS anymore because Sensei would do whatever you told it to. For instance, you could say, "Sensei, cut out the man in this photo and make him jump up and down." Sensei would figure out how to do it, all by itself, just like a human would. As of now, Sensei is just a marketing gimmick to impress you.

  7. I’m astonished at how bad it is on the white background one. The magic wand would have worked better. Adobe should be embarrassed.

  8. Very good tutorial. However I have one little complaint. Can you make your work area not so tiny. I cannot see the tools you're clicking on or what drop down boxes you are clicking on. I think your desktop resolution is too high.

  9. hi can you help me, my freq separation action in HIGH FREQ layer goes black in this 2020 version. is there any way to fixed this? please help me

  10. So it's not just me that's been experiencing crashes. I've also noticed considerable lag with my pen tablet as well. I had to downgrade photoshop just so I could even get it remotely working

  11. This is the first time I have even heard of PHLEARN and I have to say based on this video, you appear to have your act together. Thank you for a practical and honest review of the tool, warts and all. It was very helpful to know the good and bad before going in on a project, allowing me to know what to expect. Excellent tutorial/review,I just subscribed I look forward to seeing more of your videos..

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