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Swap Faces In Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial showing you how to swap faces.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to Swap faces In Photoshop. Swapping faces or swapping heads is perhaps what Photoshop is most commonly used for. Just about every magazine cover or every movie poster that you see has had a head or face replaced.

There are many ways to swap faces in Photoshop but one of the quickest and most effective techniques is to use the Auto Blend Layers option in the Edit menu. This tool is usually used to stitch panoramas together in photoshop. But it actually does a great job of blending faces together. So I’ll show you how to do that in this video.

Even though the Auto Blend could match skin tones, it is usually a better idea to match the skin tones yourself manually. This may help you avoid problems in the long run. In this video I’ll show you an easy and fast way of matching the skin tones of two faces by using the Match Color feature under the Image menu.

Swapping faces in Photoshop can be a ton of fun, and it is not just for professionals anymore! After watching this Photoshop tutorial you will now be able to easily combine pictures and put a face on different bodies with just a few clicks. I’m sure you’ll impress your friends with your new acquired Photoshop skills!

Don’t forget to share your face swaps with me by using the hashtag #PTCvids on Instagram!

00:00 – Introduction

01:30 – How To Cut Faces

02:45 – Match Face Size, Shape, and Angle

04:40 – Match Skin Tones

07:75 – Bled Faces Together Using The Auto-Blend Layers Command

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  1. Great tutorial– really helped me have some fun a play a prank on a friend. I find however— that at any time you are able to not use "shortcut" language it is more helpful. It's is helpful to assume that someone has little to no knowledge about PS. Sometimes, as a novice, I found myself trying to understand how to get a short cut command to work.

  2. Any tips how to do this when they have hair in the way? Each time I try it when they have hair in the way it fucks up all the colors when I blend the layers.

  3. why don't you show the tutorial from the beginning? it starts when you already had the 2 pictures uploaded in photoshop. But how do you upload them, how do you set their size, I assume you are addressing the experts in photoshop, right? dislike

  4. Hey!
    Amazing tutorial but i am unable to get the pivot point to stay where it is. after holding alt to drag it to the place, it still doesn't scale to the pivot point. Please help

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