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Stunning Photos With A Kit Lens: 4 Simple Tips

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Watch this photography tutorial to discover how you can make the most of your Kit Lens and start taking the photos you’ve been dreaming about.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a kit lens.
    …..before upgrading to a more expensive lens ……
    Never UPGRADING, but buying: 
    1. a set of Close Up lenses
        to reach 1 : 1 magnification
    2. a wide angle lens
         at least 25 % shorter
         than your kitlens 18 – 55 mm
         might be a manual lens
         saves $$$ + gives more fun
    3. a tele lens 
         at least 50% longer
         than your kitlens 18 -55 mm
         choose a auto focus
         no Fujifilm
         TAMRON !
     4. a longer auto focus telezoom
          no Fujinon 
         TAMRON  !
    5. a lens adapter to mount old analog
        lenses on your digital camera.
    6. an old macro bellows + mount adapter
        + old enarger lens
        + a set of old spectacle lenses
         and construct your own telelens
    7. a pola filter
    8. a graded ND filter
    9. a library of old books on photography
    10. a visit to a photo expo

  2. Good info! I've just ordered this lens to see what kind of photos I can get with it. A 24mm lens works great for most of my walk around photos. The low light limitations can be reduced with a higher ISO which I know will increase the noise but in black and white It may add an old look. Just ordered the Canon 17-55 which has great reviews but at a high price tag. Maybe I should have went with the Tamron. I have a A.A. Degree in photography but am always reviewing basics and any knowledge that will make me a better photographer.

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