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Street Photography with Kodak ColorPlus 200! ft. the Nikon F4

Kodak ColorPlus is a relatively “cheap” 35mm color negative film stock. It’s an excellent choice for daylight street photography and it produces warm natural colors. I think it’s quickly becoming my favorite color film!

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  1. This is so accurate to every street photography day I have in Boston. Inevitably end up in Chinatown, and inevitably stop at that corner bakery.

  2. No clue where you are, but it is enviable for street photography. Our tastes and vision are similar so I caught myself exclaiming out loud at some of the shots. Too hot here in Phoenix area to go out at this time.

  3. I would disagree about the price of film because back in the 80's and 90's the price of film when you factor how much your $£€ whatever was worth inflation ect in comparison to today I would say film is something similar price, slide film on the other hand is more expensive, by the way I liked the video and photos.

  4. Hey Faizal! I recently subscribed to your channel and your street photography tips playlist has been super helpful! I'm wondering, how do you decide between shooting film and shooting digital? Are there any scenarios/circumstances that make you choose one over the other?

  5. This is one of my favorite channels to have on while I edit my own street photos from the weekend. It was also one of the channels I could watch and live vicariously while everything was shut down earlier this year. Thanks for making these POV videos, keep it up!!

  6. So my F4 has serial number 2470311 and I reckon it is a newer camera with the updates? I'm shooting with Ilford 400 HP5+, wish me luck 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed your video.

    I only buy film on eBay now as it is getting harder to get film locally unless I take a 1 hour train ride into Brisbane to visit a reputable camera store.

    Isn’t it sad that you cannot use the date imprint on the dateback in 2020?

    Greetings from Australia.

  8. Damn the cost of film has really gone up. Almost exclusively a digital shooter now but only 2 or 3 years ago when I first started shooting film you could get a 10 pack of 36 exposure Colorplus or C200 for like $30.

  9. The reason film has gone up, the popularity of shooting film has come back. More and more ppl are shooting film again, and I believe Kodak has re-releasted one of there film stocks last year. Your making me MISS film… I LOVE and Miss shooting film (35mm and Medium format. I had a Mamiya 645) I was developing film my own Color and B&W (plus I was rolling my own B&W film). But sold everything last March and when back to digital. It's getting more difficult to get the developing chemicals. GREAT Video btw…

  10. If you think that F4 is heavy to carry around, you should try putting the MB-21 grip on it.. lol Lucky to have the small grip.
    That film looks pretty good btw. I usually prefer Fuji for cheap film, but I might have to give a roll of this a try.

  11. Great video with some awesome shots – and all keepers from that one roll! I shoot film myself – just started and now I'm keen on trying the KCP 200. May I ask: How do you rate it? at 100 ISO, or do you just shoot for the shadows? Greetings from Denmark. 🙂

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