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STREET Photography POV | Tips and Tricks… AND A FAIL | Canon M6 Mark II with Viltrox 23mm F/1.4


Street Photography POV Style. There was a fail, but also a rise. Here are Tips and Tricks when it comes to street photography with Canon M6 Mark II and Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens.

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Canon M6 Mark II with Viltrox 23mm F/1.4 lens. I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks to POV street style photography. … and my fail…
#streetphotography #canon #viltrox

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  1. Love the challenge you gave yourself. Taking pictures of strangers, you bet is scary. But the more you chat with them the more comfortable everyone will be. Keep challenging yourself…..

  2. One other thing…There are times that I experience what you did…I finished shooting and I think "'Im not good at this anymore, i didn't get anything"….And then I go home and process what I got and then I realize I DID get some good shots…you sometimes NEVER know what you have gotten until you process your work. Some of my best shots were shots that i didn't think would turn out well….

  3. Wonderful Video…a coincidence, as I did something similar last night in Downtown Los Angeles. I took my M50, and put on what is (oddly enough) one of my favorite lenses, a Canon 10-18…with the Crp Factor, it comes out to around 17-30, and I LOVE that focal range. It's a slow lens, though, not suited to night photos. But i got some good stuff. …I think….lol

  4. At minute 9, I stopped the clip and took a few shots from my terras. I loved it! After this, I watched it till the end and now I am going to edit them a bit on my Snapseed. You are great!

  5. I think that your video is not only about street photography but of having the confidence to in public. It can be scary to be out there, in the open, pointing a camera at people, and looking like a spy. Yet with all that, you still left you home and tired something new. There's no failing in that. I hope to see more of your street photography.

  6. Hello Zdenka,
    One question was going through my mind during these 14 mns of creative ideas. How can I apply these tips and that hack with my iPhone 12 Pro Max or is it time I invested in a quality camera? There is always a green dot on my shots when facing the sun ( sunrise or sunset ), any reason why Zdenka?
    Thank you …

  7. I liked the photos of you in the opening sequence! You are very beautiful Zdenka..
    I’ve played with photography on and off and now just getting back into it. I find it hard to find good shots though. You make it look so easy. I will keep trying. Loved the video Zdenka! 👍

  8. I'm always weary of doing street photography with short lenses and taking shots of people so I'm looking into getting an 85mm for my Sony A7C. Typically I would use my 35mm 1.8 if people are not the subject. I still need to get comfortable with it. Always appreciate your tips and thanks for sharing the pics from the Viltrox 23mm. I've been eyeing this lens for some time.

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