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Street Photography on Film (Nikon L35AF + Cinestill 800T)

I need a haircut.


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#cinestill800t #35mm #film
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  1. I love your honesty, capturing the good and the bad and not being afraid to show them both. Great little camera, interesting choice of film and love the look. Thank you, deffo would love to see more.

  2. nice vid man, enjoyed seeing the city with some life again and great to see Cinestill used during day… but as a street camera, that L35AF prolly not my first choice as they have to be the loudest camera ever!!!!

  3. I just bought my own cheap film camera and I have the Ilford BNW film in it! I’m so excited to see how they will turn out, still have a lot shots left and I’m so inspired by the way you take your pictures!!

  4. amazing video, I´m from Peru and i would love to watch another video with a different film.. like portra 400 o kodak gold 200 pleaseee.. I´ve just bought this camera!!

  5. Your video footage in your office/home in the beginning is very good.
    Also I believe half pressing the shutter release locks the focus. So you can get something in focus that isn't in the middle of the frame

  6. I remember repairing these back in the day. They were popular cameras, competing with the Olympus Af-1, AFL and Pentax PC35. I don't remember the shutter making that sound, though…
    I like the look of the Cinestill film

  7. Mmm CineStill 800T is not associated with night photos because of 800 iso, but because it's light balanced to tunsgram lights (that's why it's T). Daylight photos likely produce colder tones and blueish tint. And because hipsters like to shoot gas station neon light with it for the light halation. It can be shot ad daytime too, but for a really expensive film I wouldn't recommend. CineStill has a 50d I think which is a daylight balanced film, if you really need that old-cine vibe I'd go for that in the daytime and keep 800T for either night shots or indoor artificial light shots

  8. Actually the missed focus on that balloon stroller photo at 5:55 might have been due to the reflective balloon itself. That point and shoot was hunting. Might have been in if the lady or stroller were centered instead. But still a great photo

  9. Where do u get pics developed?? I like to develop them myself but I know that’s not realistic for my price point, do u know of any good places to have ur film developed?

  10. Oh man, i really want a camera like that.. But it got really expensive. right now Im shooting with an Olympus XA but Id love to have an autofocus camera

  11. Hey dude nice video. Do you have any idea why in my nikon l35af the flash pop out also in sunny light situation? i try to push down the flash my the camera doesn't shoot. I always need to shot 2 times to gettin a picture with no flash in. :/ maybe is just defective

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