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Stop Watching Coding Tutorials in 2021

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If you are somebody that has been watching countless youtube tutorials YOU NEED to watch this video. This thing keeps happening to developers that are learning how to code, they get stuck in Tutorial Hell (countless hours of learning) with no improvement. Causing them to stop learning and giving up. It’s like being stuck in an endless loop.

So here are 5 tips on how to get out of Tutorial Hell and start actually having success as a developer!

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Don’t Learn Python:

Why You Shouldn’t Become a Full-Stack Developer:

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  1. lol. you must know me personally because man do you know how to get into my psyche. How dare you challenge me to take a risk as if i'm not always looking for a new challenge

  2. I've hit the barrier with coding tutorials, there are a lot of shit videos, where there are good ones as well, but yes, I'm not really learning anything atm

  3. I have been in this situation when I started coding. Well, there was not all the resources that we have today but the concept was the same. Open source helped me to get out. I think open source is a great way to break the learning hell. You are responsible for your work, people use your software and they expect it to be actively matined. Or you collaborators expect you to deliver your pieces of software regularly.

  4. I'm a network engineer who's moved to a software development team. I'm mostly doing JavaScript. I totally agree that the times I learn the most are just by doing. I'm still way slower than actual devs, but I like to think I'm improving with each small project. They definitely push me to solve problems with my code, but it's so satisfying when I do. I think the best part is I'm not just learning raw code, but some pretty neat concepts in problem solving.

  5. Before you join or if you are thinking of joining. Please read the reviews on devbest website by searching for devslopes review in the search tab.

  6. Never did programming but I like the advice, learned the lesson the hard way.
    Thank you for this important reminder, youtube has its ways to keep you busy and unproductive.

  7. This is quite similar to how I learned to program various languages to get jobs when I was younger. The internet didn't exist then. I would read a book on a language and enter all of the examples and the assignments at the end of each chapter. After I read the book and did the examples, I would then make up a project and develop it. It was amazing how well that prepared me for jobs in perl, php, Java, c, and c++.

  8. 1:40 here's a tip. When you leave the house walk out before the dog. This signals the dog that you're the leader and he will walk behind you. I had a dog that would pull me and bark at everyone every time we walked. I started doing the walk out before the dog trick, and voila. She always stayed behind me or beside me and didn't bark!

  9. Well as I can see you are a professional unity game developer. Can you make a new tutorial series? ( How to make a "people playground" game in unity).
    that would be awesome because no one has done this before!

  10. I don't really watch coding tutorials. If I am having a problem with something I'm programming, or need to learn something. I would rather look up online (not videos) for what I need to know. Or if I'm really having a problem and figure something out. I would just stop working on what I'm programming. And then take some time off, and then think what could be the problem with what I'm programming. And then after some time, I would come back and continue working on it.

    I would make some subprojects of things I would want to make. Like one subproject I made, is an email client sender I made with Python. And then when I come up with a project that involves sending emails. I would use some of that knowledge, I built from that subproject.

    I'm currently working on 17 Python programming projects (Python is the only programming language I'm currently good with). One that I'm working on is a virtual assistant, which I've been taking a lot of breaks from it, and work and come up with other projects. I'm taking many breaks from the project, because I had a lot of problems when working on it. I would come up with tons of python programming projects, that can be useful for my future and personal use.

  11. Your dog is pulling because you aren't using a collar. Walk train the dog with a collar then yourself a harness once training is complete. The collar helps with correction.
    Working with labs and doing real projects was what helped with me. A tutorial here and then lots of practice after.

  12. My last dog was motivated by treats, my new dog is motivated by attention. The lesson is that everyone works differently.

    It is good to reflect and consider whether you are learning or just avoiding DOING by watching videos.

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