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Stock Photography using SMARTPHONE camera ONLY!

This video gives a detail why your smartphone camera can be the only camera that you will ever need to earn by selling you images in stock photography agencies.
Essential Videos
Best Camera and Lens to start Stock Photography

My Top 10 Best selling stock photos of all time
Check out my Photography and Videography Equipment used in Stock Agencies
My Smartphone
My Main Camera
My Walk Around camera
My Video Editing Laptop
My Graphics Tablet for Photo Editing
My LightBox for Isolating Background for Stock Photography
My Mic for Video Recording
Budget Hybrid Camera to Start Stock Photography (12k)
Best budget DSLR for Stock Photography (20k)
Budget DSLR Camera for Stock Photography (25k)
Best Budget Phone for stock Photography (Within 15K)
Best Budget Phone for stock Photography (Within 20K)
Best Budget Phone for stock Photography (Within 45K)
Best Budget Phone for stock Photography (Within 55K)
Best Budget Laptop to edit 4k videos
(Amazon Affiliate Links to help and support my channel)
Links to register on stock websites to sell photos.
Adobe Stock
and Deposit Photos

Complete Stock Photography Guide (Beginner) Playlist
Advanced Stock Photography Series

Stock Videography Series

Hindi Stock Photography Series

XPIKS download website (free FTP software)

Link for downloading model releases (this format is accepted on all leading agencies)

Monitor calibration website:

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  1. I have started stock photography with my iphone 6s plus. I uploaded 5 photos taken with my iphone and within a week one photo is being downloaded. Your videos are helping us a lot. Thanks for sharing

  2. Zoom ,sir please make a video about model relase ,I saw video of u about model relase and I update my friends photo who is taking another photo fron cannon ,I blurred cannon logos and I filled applications but it was rejected saying- Invalid Model Release: One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements.  Please clarify this queekly by replaying ,please help me sir

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