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Stick Figure | Rigging and Animation | After Effects VFX Tutorial in Hindi | Raj

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a stick figure in Adobe Illustrator and then bring it in Adobe After Effects, Rig it using DUIK Plugin and the Animate it using tools in adobe after effects.

►Free DUIK plugin download :


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►Special Thanks : Simran Jeet Singh

Many people comment, that how do i use after effects, how here’s a link below, to learn all the basics of after effects. And after effects is an animation software, it’s different from a video editing software. We do video animation in after effects. It’s like photoshop’s video version. We can say Photoshop After Effects Tutorials. lol (Just Kidding) 😬

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  1. Satsriakal sir, sir is their is any inbuilt plugin that is replacement of trapcode particular plugin, and sir your all tutorial are great i have learnt very much from your channel.

  2. veer ji bahut bahut thnx aapka really help ful video i just want to aak ki jo opition hai dulk ka who kaha se aayega jo window open hai right mein… who kaha se open hoogi sir ji…..

  3. नमस्कार सर आप से आग्रह है इस विषय पर ओर भी tutorial बनाए
    बहुत ही शानदार tutorial 👌

  4. Maya me 3d Animation karna mushkil hai
    beginners ke liye and . experienced ke liye bi
    bhot time lagta hai per
    is 2d animation me jara bhi time nahi lagta aur bhot simple hai

  5. Bhai Aapka Tutorials Naa Bada Changa hai………. Thank you Very much for such Wonderful tutorials it really helped me out to learn new things…… Thanks A Ton…….

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