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Sony Xperia 1 III Review | Best Niche Smartphone of 2021?

Reviewing the Sony Xperia 1 III, a flagship smartphone that beats the best out there for sheer media chops, with a deep camera experience and premium specs. However, this blower also comes with an eye-watering price tag of £1200 UK – so should you buy the Xperia 1 III? Or look to 2021 rivals like the Samsung S21 Ultra and Oppo’s Find X3 Pro?

While this Sony phone doesn’t boast the best camera right now, it’s certainly one of the deepest camera experiences, with impressive control for confident photographers and videographers. If you want point n’ shoot goodness, just check out the Pixel 5. For DSLR-style flexibility, with ultra-wide and telephoto options, the Xperia 1 III is unparalleled. I especially love it for shooting living, breathing subjects, so for family snaps it’s perfect.

Gamers will enjoy Sony’s dedicated toolset and that Snapdragon 888 performance, plus the full-view notchless 120Hz OLED screen. However, I did see some light throttling in more demanding games like Genshin Impact – but PubG and CoDM run perfectly. My only other complaint is the screen responsiveness, which is slightly off.

So the Sony Xperia 1 III has a lot to offer, but only niche users will be tempted by that extreme price tag. One of the best smartphones of 2021 in many ways, yet most people will be better served by a Pixel 5 or Samsung S21.

Sony Xperia 1 III Review Chapters:
0:00 – Bald man banging on
0:33 – Design
1:58 – Features and Xperia UI
3:55 – Screen & audio
6:10 – Performance & gaming
7:39 – Battery life
8:29 – Camera
12:02 – Review verdict

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  1. I have the X1 MkII. Unless and until they address the fact that you struggle, at best, to see the screen outdoors and the thermal issues it has, I will not be putting my money down for any more Sony flagship phones…

  2. Sounds like the most expensive damn compromise in the Android world. I've really been looking forward to this phone coming out as a potential upgrade. But hell no!
    Seriously you cannot switch focal lengths on your videos to zoom in on something! My 3-year-old mate 20x can do that and it can convert to that stupid 21:9 letterbox garbage at the same time. Of course now here I am in the US like a little fucking kid stuck in a divorce between Huawei and the free world.
    Great review needed this information to help me make some decisions!

  3. Hey you Certified Button Mash Monster…erm Master.. Great video as always. Think I will be skipping this years model. THink my 1ii has still got some vodka left in it to keep it running for another year !.. Isn't that what Jonny Logan said .. What's another year ..

  4. How are they going to charge £1200 and not let people uninstall Facebook and LinkedIn. And they really, really need to let users remap that Google Assistant button. It'll be 5 III for me, plenty of features at an average price.

  5. I’ve probably watched like 30-40 reviews. You would have to watch 10 of them to get the same amount of information you gave. You’re also one of the few to mention the heat issue and the only one to give an approximate gauge of the severity. Best review so far by far. Thank you. It’s only logical to sub at this point.

  6. Okay, even if I wanted to I would never be able to afford the phone, never the less thanks for the Wimbledon tour, some times the video is more entertaining than the phone.

  7. Shame about the screen performance, especially in Genshin Impact. I've been out of the market phone wise for quite some time, saving money and such. However, I'm always keeping an eye out cause I will need a good proper phone once we're through this pandemic.

  8. I really wanted it to upgrade my Xperia 1, but the screen is very dim, the battery is not great, it's too expensive, body colors are not great, selfie cam is bad and they were 8 months too late on the market so I went with Galaxy S21 Ultra 🙁 I get to try the S Pen and Dex as well.

  9. What are Sony like for regular follow up improvement updates, timely security patches and longevity. We know what Samsung, Google and Xiaomi are like. At least promise something to justify the outlay. I want to buy (if I could) a top Sony I would like, but I think this is not one to take a risk on.
    So… Semi – Finals Day at Wimbledon, several Stately Homes and Gardens…. me thinks we are paying you too much.

  10. demn…i love dis guy not cuz he does good reviews…i just wanna see what wallpapers and lemme tell u, he didn't dissappoint…he already got POWER from "chainsaw man" before release…demn, now that's cultured…🔥

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