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Sony Alpha A6600 Camera Review | Tamil Photography Tutorials

#A6600 #camerareview #rprasannavenkatesh

Thanks to Dina Color Lab , Ellis Road Chennai for the demo unit

In this video, I have done an in-depth review of the α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera. The α6600 a 24.2 Megapixel camera packs in the features, to deliver what you need for just about any situation you encounter—fast AF, steady image stabilization and stunning image quality, a high-capacity battery and serious 4K HDR (HLG)2 movie shooting.
The camera’s tracking systems rely on unique AI-based subject recognition algorithms with 425 AF Points.

Product Photos Courtesy: Dpreview used only for academic purposes


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  1. photography and youtube video ku etha mari oru camera sollunga bro under 1.50 lakh pls suggest me bro
    Na entha sony a6600 vangalama,but na vlog ellam edukamaten . Sony a6600 vangalama ella canon la nalla camera irruka
    Pls sollunga bro

  2. Prasanna Anna.. Nan rendu nalaiku munadi Zhiyun Smooth 4 vangunen. Adhula Roll Axis la epdi edukanumnu therila, Please explain pana mudiuma? 240 degree nu potrukanga, but epdi pananumnu therila!

  3. Sir Good day.!

    one small doubt please clarify whether canon 77D is coming with universal clip to fix flash & microphone like 200 D.

    Awaiting for your reply sir.

  4. Bro…., sony a6100 review pannirunthinga….,👌
    Athula neenga battery life pathi sollave illa sony alpha a6400 maathiri video recording time limitation illa ithula irrukka…,a6400 la slog2, slog3 but a6100 la illa video quality epdi irrukkum…, yen purpose short film ku

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