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Sony a7S III Review: Best 'run and gun' camera available today?

The Sony a7S III captures great 4K video using its full sensor, and includes features like Sony’s real-time autofocus and exceptional low light video performance. It may be the best ‘run and gun’ hybrid video camera on the market today.

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  1. Why is no one talking about the fact that you don't use the full sensor shooting raw video?… You can't get open gate functionality. Reviews claiming that video is a "full sensor read-out" are false!

  2. Nice review. However, I don’t think the comment about the EVF’s resolution is accurate. The quality / resolution of the EVF in live viewing is indeed inferior to that in playback but only in stills mode. In movie mode the resolution is identical in viewing and in playback. Perhaps you shoot video while being in stills mode or maybe it’s something that has changed with a firmware update since this review? I still find it annoying as I’d love to take advantage of this great EVF when takings stills too.

  3. Love your reviews. I think they outshine just about everybody else. But bear in mind that English does that with the 'i' sound, uniquely among European languages. There's even a recognized English pronunciation of Latin, which features that sound prominently. Nothing to apologize for, it's been that way forever. Shakespeare would have pronounced it Neyekon not Neekon.

  4. Well this is a typical comprehensive video for practical users however this camera is virtually impossible to buy … virtually no stock or mega long wait lists. So it's a bit of a tease for those of us who would like to purchase it but simply cannot get it. I've heard that some reviewers have THREE of these for themselves… I'd be ok with just ONE The only thing I can see with this footage is that skin tones still have that SONY look … a bit better but too red from what I see. Not the Canon look for sure.

  5. Not sure where you heard the rolling shutter information but it’s been reported everywhere, including by Sony, that the a7siii rolling shutter performance is 3x better than previous generation cameras.

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