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Sony A6400 | Best Camera For Video Under $1,000?

SONY LUTs ARE HERE for a6400!!!
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  1. the two i'm tossing up are the sony a6400, canon m50 mii and the samsung ultra 21. I just can't decide for youtube video, which would you recommend?? do you have any footage comparisons?

  2. You paid full price for the camera, but did you pay full price for Sony's weird zip lining trip?

    Also, if you think Canon only releases outdated cameras because they're "bulletproof", then you should probably check out how many seconds of video the EOS M200 can shoot on a sunny day before overheating.

  3. This video makes the a6400 look bad…and it is not….1- im grading s-log 3 without an issue, do not understand the fear. 2- you don't need to buy more batteries, just connect the a6400 to a powerbank and keep shooting. 3- if the weather is hot I'm very sure the professionals don't put the camera under the sun like that, im pretty sure it takes long to overheat if is under a hood in the shadows.

  4. Hello! I loved this review. what camera would you recommend for basic filmmaking (Short films) i want to mainly film myself but don't know which camera is the best for that. I really love the auto focus and depth of field on the sony but i also love the stabilisation on the Panasonic. Are there any sony cameras that have both good autofocus and stabilisation?

  5. my favorite part is at 9:52 when you talk about canon not releasing a camera unless its bullet proof… Insert R5 jokes here. It's also perfect since you are showing how the canon is not overheating! 😂

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