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Should you get the Nikon D90 in 2020? | Pulling Focus – D90

Today we answer the question: is the D90 good enough for beginners in 2020?

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  1. It works, but a couple hundred dollars more and you can get a new basic mirrorless, which would be my vote for beginner camera in 2021.

    I want one to collect because it was the camera I wanted to buy in 2009 but I started on a D5000.

  2. I got a hand me down D90 from my dad a few years ago but he never used it and it was in a dry box cabinet (which for a nikon is probably too much since they are much more durable than canon, he ended up buying every camera in the D7000 family and still didnt use them.. sigh*) so it was in excellent condition, he gave it to me along with 6 pricey nikkor lenses and 2 tamron lenses and a bunch of accesories, and i used it for my college course and onwards.

    I'd say it served me quite well especially with learning the basics of using these kinds of cameras, but it does have some limitations that made me reach for my smartphone camera from time to time. I would say it is definitely a great entry to mid-level camera to work with. (Even though it was originally a semi-professional camera and was degraded into a entry level in its retirement years by nikon)

    Edit: hardest part wasnt learning how to use the camera (that just took time), but it was troubleshooting all of the 3rd party hardware to get them to all play nice with eachother while mounted on a gimbal (which for anyone who has used one knows that they are a pain to setup)

  3. Have not used it for a long time. So after dusting it off, charging the battery, setting the internal clock, updating the firmware and putting a fast sd card in I must say that this camera is still going strong. It is older but it does not feel ancient.

  4. Get at least the D600 in 2021. It's like $400 used. I won't recommend the D90 even if I have used it to death. Loved my D90, but it just won't cut it these days

  5. I still miss my Olympus E300 and Olympus e-500!!! best cameras I ever owned. I now have a Nikon d3500 and I absolutely hate it with every cell of my being. I have a Nikon D90 and I do like it, it creates a really nice image but the Olympus which is a way earlier model actually creates true Blacks and has a higher ISO range. sorry think after all these years of trial and error with trying different cameras I am going to be going back to the e500 Olympus model probably forever. Olympus is so underrated I can't comprehend how they don't make a bigger dent in the market!!!

  6. My dad gave me his Nikon after he upgraded a couple years back. I've cherished it since! It's entry level but I make the best of it until I can afford a better one without too much of a dent.

  7. to keep it short: No, its not a good camera for 2020 and theres better. I had one. Megapixels are half of modern cameras and it is poor in low light

  8. Sorry my question is not really related but just wondering which will you recommend between d90 and d300 since they have same price for used. And I’m only focus on photography. Thanks a lot

  9. Hello Karl, well said, work with limits of your tools and use them as advantages. Also s*** in is S*** out without plans. it does not matter camera but subject and person behind
    Have a great day and stay healthy, greetings frm Poland

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