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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Camera First look and Pro Photographers Tips

A quick video showing some photos and giving some tips how to take advantage of the new camera features of the S21 Ultra. The S21 has introduced new Zoom lenses, and while this is a quick first test of the S21, it shows how I go about shooting and shows some real world examples of the camera in the phone.

Do let me know if you find the information useful


0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Cameras
0:48 – Main Camera 108 MP Samples
1:06 – Sunrise Photoshoot and Examples of All lenses
2:14 – Bright Night Mode
3:01 – Space Zoom 3x and 10x optical zoom.
5:13 – Directors View
5:50 – Single Take 2.0
7:00 – Display
8:13 – Battery
8:24 – Outro


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  1. Hi,you are right about having an optical zoom with enough reach.

    Photography is a substractive art and and to express your creativity and compose properly without the need of cropping photos intensively,a long telephoto focal length is a must.

  2. An amazing review !! Thank you if possible is there a way you coukd do a guide for us tattooist we have to take images of various tattoos under led daylight strip light in the studio and tattoos look washed out or to much reflection from light is there a tattooist bigger guide you could do please itnwpukd help the tattoo community millions !

  3. OMG…this is the best video ever
    Coz most of the camera reviewers on YouTube just show the image shown after taking it with night mode….but you show that live screen recording which easier to understand how much light was there before taking that photo…and it is also very satisfying to see that…
    So plss don’t stop showing us the screen recording….hope you see my comment and continue the same way….
    And YOU earned a subscriber!❤️

  4. That was a great video with a lot of information that I didn't already know, without being repetitive and boring like a lot of basic phone videos are.. I've been using the S21 Ultra for about 5 weeks now. I was actually able to use it for some astrophotography and captured the best image of the Pink Super Moon in April 2021. I was able to get details of the moon that I have never been able to capture with any phone camera. I am also going to be trying to capture the milkyway and other Astronomy pictures.

  5. Don't know if I said it before but as I watched this again tonight, there is so much for me to experiment with and learn. Love it, love my S21 Ultra and look forward to more of your teaching. /WRF

  6. This is great! Amazing photos! I am due for a new phone and have a trip to Hawaii coming up later this year. Would love a "how to" on using the camera app for taking good photos. I'm not a photographer but I want to take amazing pictures to save on my computer

  7. its hard to be choose 12promax or s21/21+ ( not ultra ) but when we talk about camera, thats 12 promax better than 21+ night condition. amazing record video, we talking about take photo in the darkerrrrr. iphone the winnerssss

  8. Hi Rob, thank you for the tips. The Zoom lens usage for making items look closer was really helpful. It's been a couple weeks with the S21 and I'm not happy with low light portraits, is there anything I can do to improve my shots?

  9. hey rob!

    I got a quick question.
    What is in your opinion the best smartphone for photography at the moment?
    I'm looking for a smartphone I can use for shooting fashion/clothing.

    Looking forward for your anwser!

  10. I paid €1,300 for my S21 ultra and I compared to my brother's POCO F3 (which he bought for 1k less) and the macro shots are WAY better than my S21's. I feel robbed…

  11. Thank you! This is exactly what I’m looking for about 3x and 10x zoom usability. I’m debating between getting the plus or ultra.

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  13. Nicely done. Just discovered you and really appreciate what you said and how you described what was going on. I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra since it first came out and discover new features every day. Your accent falls nicely on these ears used to Philadelphia PA USA accents! Thanks!

  14. I upgraded from an S8+ and I loved that camera. The S21 Ultra is suoer fast but I haven't been loving the camera. I'm hoping the tips in this video help me out.

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