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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus In 2021 – Should You Buy One?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus In 2021? Should You Buy One?

My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in 2021. I believe the note 10 plus to be the best budget phone out there currently in 2021.

Video of the Note 10+ vs DSLR camera,:

Amazon Links to the Note 10 plus:

Black Fully unlocked:

Aura Glow Fully unlocked:

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  1. I buy the note 20 ultra
    3 months ago and I dropped it last week and my screen broke and LCD panel damaged . i decided to go one year back and buy the note 10 plus. I will not pay💰 1,000 😤dollars for another note 20 ultra
    I think they both note 20 ultra and 10 plus pretty much the same phone📱
    With huge difference prices .
    Samsung is ripping off people with the note 20 ultra😠

  2. Nice video man really insightful. Yes I've always seen the SNote10+ a great phone but a year ago I went the S20+ And to be quite honest I haven't regretted it, but the only thing that kinda bothers me is the 20:9 Aspect ratio. But I always loved the SNote10+ because of the Aura blue colour and I'm just glad I get the same colour effect with my S20+ Cloud Blue.

  3. I have the note 10plus as well. This is still a fast phone, not much if a camera jump at all. This has to be one of the best designed phones out there. Shows no signs of slowing down.

  4. Jimmy is Promo has a video with some tips on improving the fingerprint unlock. Totally goes against what most tips have tried, but it worked amazingly well for me. I had given up on using mine until I watched that video. Now mine unlocks on the first try probably 95% of the time.

  5. this is the last samsung phone i use before i switch to ios (iphone 11 pro max) such a gorgeous display, the multitasking.. its so open system android is but.. i cant look back to android anymore thank samsung for the memories.

  6. Please can you do a review on the Oukitel C21 🔥😯👌 that phone has some pretty serious hardware for $108 like a beautiful FHD+ display, MediaTek Helio P60, etc…

  7. Excellent phone. Only thing is I got a great deal for S21U and have to say the upgrade is definately worth it. Woulsnt have bothered were it not for the aggressive trade in deals.

  8. Absolutely! I own one, it's great, before warranty runs out, I'm getting a replacement to have for the next 2 years. Samsung is dropping so much stuff I need from flagships so definitely want to hold onto this phone as long as possible.

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