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Responsive Portfolio Filter Gallery using HTML CSS & Javascript | Filterable Image Gallery

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jQuery Version : How To Create a Portfolio Filter Gallery using HTML CSS & jQuery | Filterable Image Gallery
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  1. great one mate, but I have changed the js a bit for a more clean code : let list = document.querySelectorAll('.list');

    let itemBox = document.querySelectorAll('.itemBox');

    list.forEach((n, i) =>

    n.addEventListener('click', () => {

    list.forEach((n) => n.classList.remove('active'));


    let datafilter = n.getAttribute('data-filter');

    itemBox.forEach((item) => {


    if (

    item.getAttribute('data-item') === datafilter ||

    datafilter === 'all'

    ) {







  2. Hello brother,
    I wanted to know how are getting those live previews without refreshing again. It would be nice if you share with us.
    Thank you, your work is amazing.

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