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Reef Aquarium Photography – Part II: Phone Camera Photography and Videography

Affiliate links to stuff we talked about:
Phone Tripod Mount –
Filters –
Macro Phone Lens Clip –
Lifeproof Case –
Canon 5Ds R –
Canon 100mm Macro –
Canon 100mm IS Macro L –
Freefly Movi Stabilizer –

Previous Photography Video:

0:00 Introduction
1:34 Specs aren’t always helpful
3:12 Color Issues
4:42 Lighting
5:46 Camera Filters
7:02 Camera Stabilization
9:06 Phone Lenses
9:57 Underwater Housings
10:45 Conclusion
11:21 Credits and Bloopers

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  1. Thanks for the video Becka 👍 I didn’t realize they made Macro lenses for phones, awesome! I have an iPhone 10x and I think it’s time for an upgrade. Has iPhone made any improvements in regards to reef photography?

  2. Just to add. One main thing for color is if ur phone has a pro mode, in about 20 seconds you can adust all the sliders, kelvin etc and get the petfect color.

    Also holding the phone/lens parelel to the subject (where possible) will yield better shots.

  3. I can do that water drop nose too! However after breaking both hands/wrist I learned how to do it hands free, you work on that, I'll work on my pictures. Thanks for the video 🙃

  4. I took one glass out the glasses… and a protection lens for my camera. Shaped the glass round and replaced the clear glass with the orange filter from the glasses. Now I have a perfect lens that fits my camcorder

  5. Becka you forgot to mention the incredible importance to keep the phone 100% parallel to the glass to avoid more blur. People tends to keep the phone or camera in a slight angle not realizing that auto focus struggle to capture a sharp image because of blur from angle upon the glass of the aquarium.
    I use a G85 for my stills and videos but from time to time i don't pull out the camera and use my phone. The blur effect on cellphones are more pronounced and hard to auto correct/focus bc of angles.

  6. Have you heard of moment lenses? I use them for my Samsung note 10. It really gets your phone as close as possible to a dslr quality. They also have attachments for dslr light filters so you can attach them to your phone.

  7. For 4€ I downloaded a pro video App for iPhone which lets me adjust WhiteBalance like a Dslr would…including Grey Card.
    Not to mention microphone level for both the in-built and the external microphone…audio levels real-time monitoring..shutter and Iso speed…codecs..resolutions and so on.
    No need to worry about what phone model you're getting…as long as the camera module is mid to high-end.
    Not to mention that free editing apps have specific capabilities so you can pull up/down individual color channels.

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