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RAV Lesson 1/4 : Introduction to signs – RAV Vast Online Tutorials

A complete set of courses for RAV Vast players is on its way!
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  1. Thank you so much for these videos! In December I bought a Rav Vast E low pygmy and used it to reduce stress by just feeling it without any notes. Anyway I got a little stuck and put it aside…until today. I decided to look up just a little bit because I didn't want my head to be too involved. But when I saw this easy and gentle video it was at first enlightening on the subject and now I got some motivation to check out the other videos and learn a pattern anyway. Curious to find out where this is going!

  2. Je compte commander prochainement un rav, c est top tes cours ça a l air super bien expliqué afin de profiter au max de toutes les possibilités musicale et rythmique ! Je vais prendre tes cours quand j aurai mon rav! Tu as quel rav dans ta vidéos ?

  3. How close are you to having the Rav course complete? I just got my E Low Pygmy and am a complete newbie. Really enjoyed these tutorials and will use them for now. But also super stoked for the full rav course 🙂

  4. Bonjour David, je suis impatient de découvrir vos cours spécialement dédiés au RAV mais en attendant, est ce que vos cours handpan peuvent être adaptés au RAV ?

  5. Really enjoyed your beginners tutorial for handpan but struggled with the tacks on the body of the drum so looking forward to you releasing the RAV Vast tutorials. Thanks for making playing really enjoyable and bringing a bit of structure to playing for a complete music novice! Really looking forward to learning how to incorporate the nuances of playing that you mention David.

  6. Thanks a lot for doing RAV tutorials, I love my RAV but am a total musical noob. I bought your master the handpan beginner course and it has helped somewhat, I am not sure if it transfers well to the RAV…RAV is more resonating and maybe that leads to slower playing or tricks that are not required in the handpan. I'll buy your RAV course when it is complete! I'm a long time fan of you, btw.

  7. I really hope someday soon I can have all my medical bills paid off because the first thing I’m going to invest in is one of these magical instruments. It really touches my soul.

    Gratitude, for taking the time to make these amazing videos.

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